Varia Vision – A Special Gadget for Cyclists


Specialty headsets are slowly getting real – Google is developing its own Glass for enterprise use. Here’s another one from Garmin – the Varia Vision. It is a unit designed specially for bicyclists.

Varia Vision

Varia Vision is a small display that needs to be attached to your sunglasses. It is not a standalone gadget. It is a supportive device for Garmin Edge and can integrate with the Varia Review Radar. It doesn’t have its own built-in GPS. It cannot give specific messages without connecting to other devices.

Varia Vision - An Exclusive Gadget for Cyclists

Varia Vision – An Exclusive Gadget for Cyclists

Varia Vision does not require any kind of special glass to use. It can be easily attached to any sun-glass with the help of quick release mount. To remove the pod, all the user has to do is rotate the pod to 90 degrees. it comes off easily.

The pod itself is flexible and can be bend few millimeters without breaking. This flexibility gives user to adjust the position of the display on the sunglasses. The gadget can be controlled by two methods: by the power button on the top or with the swipe button on the side. The swipe button can be moved forward and backwards.

Special Features

  • Ideal for cyclists.
  • Varia Vision is very versatile and sleek.
  • Weighs just 29 gms.
  • It can connect with suitable nearby devices.
  • Vibration alert notify user about events like text messages.
  • Sleek navigation – gives user turn by turn direction to reach destination.
  • Friendly Touch panel that supports touch even with gloves.
  • Display indicates cars behind you.
  • 8 hours of battery life.
  • Shows temperature and the time of the day.
Varia Vision - Display

Varia Vision – Display

Varia vision automatically senses whether it has been mounted on the right or left and flips images correctly. Even if you are stunting upside down and your tires are looking at the sky, the orientation adjusts for your positions. The brightness of the unit, the auto scroll and the back ground colour of the gadget can be customized through the Garmin Edge. Edge 520 and Edge 1000 are supported.


Garmin Varia Vision can be bought for the price of $399.99 (Rs.27,000). You might decide to just drive plain after seeing the price tag, but it is actually $100 less than its competitor (Jet).

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