Tomatan, the Wearable Robot that Feeds You!

Tomaton Demonstration

Tomaton Demonstration

After the World’s electronic companies came out with various wearables, the Apple Watch and Google Glass here comes a remarkable wearable Tomatoes!

There are a lot of things that have been prepared to help runners get the most energy from their workouts. There are a lot of gels, energy bars and tablets that provide instant energy. But what more is safe and suitable than the most natural form of energy supplier than a tomato.

One of the Ketchup makers in Japan went out to unveil their wearable tomato machine. The backpack called the ‘Tomatan’ may be loaded with six tomatoes that can be consumed to empower the runners during a marathon. Tomatoes are rich in nutrition and compresses fatigue.

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

Nutrition from Tomatoes

The ketchup company is under the belief that tomatoes contain a whole lot of essential nutrients to supplement the runners on the run. There is plentiful of beta-carotene, amino acids and citric acid.

Tomato can be referred to a fruit or a vegetable. People are expected to eat more of this dense nutrient provider.  The functional food not only provides the basic nutrients but also goes on to prevent chronic diseases like cancer. Tomatoes contain many beneficial phytochemicals like lycopene. Tomatoes for a long time was thought to be poisonous because it belongs to the nightshade plant.

One medium sized tomato that weighs around 123 grams contains about 22 calories and has no fat. It also consists of 5 grams of carbohydrate with fibre and sugar. Tomatoes are also a rich source of Vitamic C and Vitamin A. It also consists of folic acid. They are also rich in antioxidants. Tomatoes contain alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, choline, folic acid, beta-carotene and lute-in. Alpha lipoic-acid of tomatoes helps in converting the body glucose into  energy.  Choline is an important nutrient that helps with muscle movement.

All About the Tomatan Robot

The Tomatan looks just like a small robot , designed with a tomato head. The backpack packs itself snugly on the runners shoulder. The tiny lever on its foot moves back and forth. The lever catches the tomato from the shooter. It later rotates the tomato over the runner’s head. The tomatan holds the tomato close to the runners mouth. The wearable weighs around eighteen pounds.

Kagome created this strange but useful device mainly for runners that are participating in the Tokyo Marathon 2015. On the Tokyo marathon to be held on February 22nd a professional marathon runner from Kagome will take part in the marathon with a lighter version of the Petit-Tomatan. The Tomatan weighs around three kilograms and also features a small tomato holster that can be worn on the back.

Since this robot is much smaller the runner is expected to hold a delivery tube till their mouth. The robot is fitted with a timer so that the runner is not ingested with too many tomatoes at a time. The tomato supplies will be over before expected if not timed.


Runner Wearing the Tomaton Backpack

Runner Wearing the Tomaton Backpack

The Idea behind Tomatan

The idea behind the tomatan came about when one of the developer’s in the company realised how the runners in the marathon are sucked out of their energy. The runners had to depend on the banana provided to them as quick meal while running.  But tomatoes seemed to be more nutritious compared to eating bananas. So now with a tomato provider on your back, the marathon runners can pull up their socks and look for a long stride.




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