Pebbles’ Fruity Stylish Wearables


After the growth of the smart phone, the next focus has seemed to have rested on wearables. While Apple is set to reveal its iWatch soon in the near future, fans are also expecting the LG Android watch too. But the recently launched wearables from pebbles have pushed the style and use to the top levels. The limited edition smart watches were launched in candy colors, priced at $150.

The bright hued wearables are named ‘Fresh’ for the Green variant, ‘Hot’ for the Pink variant and ‘Fly’ for the blue variant. The colors for these watches were actually chosen by the fan requests through #ColorMyPebble board in Pinterest. “People told us the colors they wanted, and these were the next ones in line,” says Myriam Joire, Chief Evangelist from Pebble.

Pebble smart watch

Pebble smart watch

The first of the pebble’s smart watches were polycarbonate devices in red, black and white. Later, colors such as the orange and grey were added. The smart watches now are available in stainless steel and in black. The limited edition candy colored watches are accompanied with matching watchbands.

Pebble Variants

Pebble Variants

The dashing pebbles also show off new watch faces that have a Reading Rainbow Watch Face, weather channel and 8 bit Levar Burton.

Other smart wearables that are lined up:

  • Intel is working on smart bracelets! The company has partnered with Opening Ceremony, the Design House, to manufacture them.
  • HP is currently developing its smart watch, pairing up with Gilt, the retailer, and Michael Bastian, the Fashion Designer, in the venture.
  • The stunning Moto 360 is the eye catcher for now, the smartest looking smart watch of the day.

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