List of Top 5 Smartwatches Under Rs.10000 in India


There are an incredible number of Smartwatches are being introduced in the market in recent days. Most of them are being pioneered with the Android Operating System, with various manufacturers around the world. These Smartwatches becomes a fashionable form of enjoying a new lifestyle along with assorted benefits of humanity. But wait, the price of the Smartwatch is huge and varies according to the features it is bundled with. Hence, we have a summary of “Top 5 Smartwatches” under the price tag of Rs.10000/- with best in class features accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch:

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch becomes the top of the Top 5 Smartwatches under Rs.10000, especially due to its quality features. The actual price of this Smartwatch is Rs.15450 during the release and the price has been slashed due to various reasons. You can get the features like making calls, notifications, recent updates and more with this Smartwatch. There are few distinctive color straps accessible with this and thus makes you get a premium feel at every wear.

List of Top 5 Smartwatches Under Rs.10000 in India

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Android Smartwatch 2015

It also has the feature of water and dust resistant capabilities with the IP67 Certification. The 300mAh battery makes the system to have 2-3 days of battery backup and also claimed to have 6 days of availability at low usages. The AMOLED display of 1.63inch gives you the finest way of reading your text messages and alerts on the go!

You can call this Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch as your personal fitness tracker, because, it has a Heart Rate Sensor, Pedometer, S Health Sensor and more. You can also enjoy the lovely music on your workouts, as it has the built in music player. It acts as TV Remote on many SmartTVs (at least agreed with Samsung TVs). Make the most of it!

LG W100 Smartwatch:

Another top quality Smartwatch from the international Smartphone maker, LG W100. The price of the new LG W100 Smartwatch is Rs.9700/- and it is one among the latest Android Wearables. Just works with the Android Jelly Bean OS version 4.3 and helps you in alarms, reminders and more interesting features. It is enabled with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor to ensure the system functions at its best speed. The 4GB internal memory along with 512MB RAM makes the Smartwatch an effective device for multitasking requirements. Also, the 1.65inch IPS LCD Display with the resolution of 250*250 gives a better view with vibrant color supports. The Smartwatch weights about 63grams and it doesn’t support the SIM based voice calling facility, but the Bluetooth is valid. It has built in 9 Axis Gyro Sensor, Accelerometer and Compass sensors.

Smartwatch from Sony:

List of Top 5 Smartwatches Under Rs.10000 in India

Sony Smartwatch 3 Black & White

We have a Smartwatch from Sony in the section of “Top 5 Smartwatches under Rs.10000”, don’t get surprised! Why, because, the price of this Sony Smartwatch is just Rs.6900/- and neither their Smartphones has this price in the market. The Smartwach as the 1.3inch OLED display, along with Splash & Scratch Proof. This Bluetooth supported device has to be charged with the MicroUSB Charger. It has the Android OS built in and supports the features like accept and reject voice calls, along with the options of checking emails and messages indeed.

iBerry Auxus Rist  Smartwatch:

This new iBerry Auxus Rist Smartwatch is made to run with Android OS version 4.2 and it has the SIM supported voice call feature. This is to the first Smartwatch in our Top 5 Smartwatches under Rs.10000 to have a 3MP Rear camera categorically. The watch is also enabled with 600mAh battery and comes with 154 inch IPS LCD Display with the resolution of 240*240 pixels. The built in speaker provides finest clarity in voice and music sections. The 512MB RAM helps in making decent multitasking capabilities. The price of iBerry Auxus Rist has been Rs.9500/- at the time of writing!

Spice Smart Pulse M 9010 Smartwatch:

List of Top 5 Smartwatches Under Rs.10000 in India

Offers with Spice Pulse M9010 Smartwatch

Technically speaking, the new Spice Smart Pulse 9010 Smartwatch has ample of benefits at just the rate of Rs.4500/-. The display has 1.57 inch touch screen with the resolution of 320*240, where you get the Dual SIM slots with 2G networks only. You can browse the web and make calls using these SIMs. You can accept or make calls and the Bluetooth headset support make this feature really incredible. The stream music, call log visualization, read, write SMS and remote camera capture options are some of the finest features build within the system. It has built in Audio/Video player followed by FM for the entertainment section. It also enabled with the 420mAh battery followed by 8GB expandable storage and a digital camera for any image requirements.

Bottom Line:

Hope you could make the most of the above information on the “Top 5 Smartwatches” under your budget of Rs.10000/- in the market. Don’t hesitate to share your comments and share on your Facebook as well.




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