Intex iRist Smartwatch with 5MP Camera – Price Rs.11999


We have been seeing several latest technologies enabled gadgets in our day to day life. Once it was the era of mobiles, later Smartphones, now it’s time for Smartwatches. Although the competition among the Smartwatch makers are quite comparably lesser than Smartphones, it won’t be remains the same in the future. In fact, the Korean Smartphone maker also joins the Smartwatch race! Yes, the new rumor suggests that, Samsung codenamed Orbis or Samsung Gear A Round Smartwatch will be available with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Device. Now, an Indian Smartphone maker, Intex made its competition in the Smartwatch market by launching the Intex iRist Smartwatch!

Intex iRist Smartwatch Specs Details:

Hope you the mini Mobile World Congress (MWC) held at Shanghai today. The Intex mobile maker debuts its “Intex iRist Smartwatch” in the event and made the same exclusively available only on eBay online retail. This is a dust & water proof made Smartwatch, which is made available in the following colors like, Pink & Orange.

Intex iRist Smartwatch with 5MP Camera – Price Rs.11999

Intex iRist Smartwatch Details and Specs

The display of this Intex iRist Smartwatch has been gifted with 3.9cm made up of OLED display with the resolution of 240*240 pixels. The built in pedometer assist you to have the Smartwatch as a fitness tracker accordingly. There are several new and interesting features are built into the device and are as follows.

Firstly, the device is expected to have the built in 3G voice call support, which is a quite distinctive feature, from the Indian maker. Yes, the Smartwatch supports the Single GSM SIM! The Smartwatch has 512MB RAM and built in 4GB memory.

Also, the Intex iRist Smartwatch has been enabled to run with the Android Kitkat operating system along with the 1.2GHz dual core processor. You can connect the Android Smartphones & tablets using the iConnect App (built-in by default). The voice assistant features available with the Smartwatch, helps you in sending mails, messages, open & close applications and even dial the number for calling!

One of the interesting facts about this Intex iRist Smartwatch is that, its battery! The built in 600mAh battery provides 200 hours of standby time and 4 hours of talk time as well. The Smartwatch is built with 5MP camera at the top along with the face detection stuff. The camera is really a prominent move from the maker to have uniqueness in the industry. Besides, the Smartwatch is also built with Bluetooth (supports all qualified Bluetooth headset for music & call). Later, the Wi-Fi and GPS makes the system to have the finest internet connectivity followed by a navigational assistant respectively.

Intex iRist Smartwatch Price & Availability:

Intex iRist Smartwatch with 5MP Camera – Price Rs.11999

Intex iRist Smartwatch Full Face from Top

According to the official details, this Intex iRist Smartwatch is priced with Rs.11999 and made exclusively available only on eBay online retail. One thing is very sure, Intex will be shipping this latest Android Smartwatch internationally (shipping charges may apply* LOL!).

Bottom Line:

As the competition grows higher day by day, every manufacturer is trying to implement their innovation with every product. Now, Intex provided the 5MP camera for the uniqueness. Stay amazed & updated ever.




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