Here is a Glimpse of all the Tech Gadgets you can Wear


There is a trend of wearable watches going on these days. People prefer such gadgets on the wrist as it looks smart and, of course, servers the purpose well enough. If you have this craze for wearable watches then you should surely read on further to find some of the top gadgets making news for their versatility and multi – purpose usability.

  • Apple Watch
    Apple came with its iWatch in the year 2015, in the month of April, and within a few months it has been able to make its mark in the industry. It has overcome the Indian market and is being sold here at the rate of Rs. 30,900. You can buy it from all the Apple retailers across the country. You don’t have to worry about the colors as they come in a huge variety like Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray, and also Silver. But all the variants won’t be available in the Indian market. There are some of the specs which make this watch worth investing in.
Gadgets you can wear - Apple iWatch

Gadgets you can wear – Apple iWatch


  • Moto 360 Gen 2
    The product was first unveiled in Berlin at the IFA event. It came in India in the month of December. At the start, the price was kept to only Rs. 19,999. You can buy the gadget for two sizes. One is the 42 mm make, and the other is the female version in a smaller size. You also have choice while choosing the band as they come in metal as well as leather band. Other than this, there is also a silicon variant available. You can view its specifications and make the best buy this New Year.
Gadgets you can wear - Moto 360 Gen 2

Gadgets you can wear – Moto 360 Gen 2


  • HTC Re Action Camera
    This is a new camera in the market which is making news. This action camera has been in a Go Pro style. But for HTC this is the first one of its kind which has been designed for adjusting it comfortably in your palms. Again, this one as well comes in various colors with all types of accessories and mounting. It will never fail to impress you when it comes to the specifications. Talking about the camera, it comes with a 16 MP rear camera. Other than this, it can also capture 1080p FHD video. Along with these features, there is also a facility for slow motion video, similar to the Apple products.
Gadgets you can wear - HTC Re Action Camera

Gadgets you can wear – HTC Re Action Camera


  • Fit Bit Fitness wearable
    This one gadget can be touted as the largest tech wearable brand. This one also came in the market in the year 2015. It has partnered with Amazon to accelerate its sales and make it available to the audience as soon as possible. The company has been related to products which create tech gadgets related to fitness. Other than this one, you can get many other gadgets like the Zip, Charge HR, Surge, and the Flex. You don’t have to worry much about the prices as this gadget is available in various ranges from 4,000 to 19,990.
Gadgets you can wear - Fitbit

Gadgets you can wear – Fitbit


  • Jawbone – Jawbone UP 2
    This is one company which comes up with products related to health and diet fitness. The company came up in news in the month of September this year. It also introduced its products which were available for buy. The technology used in these gadgets is highly useful. They help you to keep a check on your diet and also regulate and manage your sleeping patterns. They are so much advanced that they can even track your physical movement. The app contains the Smart Coach which is a coaching system which makes use of all the data to give you personal guidance.
Gadgets you can wear - Jawbone UP 2

Gadgets you can wear – Jawbone UP 2

Here were most of the popular wearable devices available for you at present. If you are a diehard tech fan, then one of these gadgets should definitely make it to your wish list this New Year.




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