Uber launches Carpooling Service for Commuters


Uber Commute

Uber has announced the launch of a new service called UberCommute, which enables the drivers to pick up the passengers heading in the same direction, along their commute and share the cost of the journey. This is called as carpooling at the press of a button. Uber says that this service will make its debut on Chengdu, China and it is planning to expand all around the world.

This UberCommute app works very much like the company’s popular ride-hailing app. Drivers have to just log into the app and enter their destination. Then the Uber will look for the people who are requesting trips in the same direction and the cost of travel for the passengers are also shown. The driver can decide whether the request must be accepted or not. But for the riders, experience will be as usual. They can select the destination using the app and the Uber systems match them with a driver who is riding in the same direction.

In most cities around the world, we can hear people complaining about traffic jams during the rush hours. This problem of congestion can be solved partly by using innovative ways of public transportation, bringing in technology. So the services like Uber can help improve the existing infrastructure of transportation and use it more efficiently. Passengers want to reach the right place at right time. UberCommute and UberPool services are making it possible for them to share the travel cost or in other words, travel with affordable rates.


“When people can push a button and get ride in minutes, they are less likely to drive themselves”. In a blog post by Uber they have said. “Instead of 30 people using their own cars, you have one car serving them all “. The company says that it launched the UberCommute service in Asian country because there are more people who are looking for new ways to travel affordably. This is the first time Uber launched a new product outside United States and it might be a conscious strategy by the company for expanding its influence in the country of great opportunities. It also seems that the plan is also to overtake its biggest Chinese rival, Didi Kuaidi which is a leading player in Smartphone based transportation services. If the services do become successful in China, it hopes to make the service available to drivers in more cities around the world.




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