ZTE Blade S6 – A Research Review – II

ZTE Blade S6


Review – II Covers:

ZTE Blade S6 – User Interface:

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ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone sails on the the latest Android 5.0 which is considered as a definite source among the chinese devices and ZTE has slapped its own launcher on top of the OS but, it preserves most of the Lollipop feel as because it is very clean and simplistic and goes for a nice flat design UI that comes with a complete modern-looking flat icons with  a nicely rounded corners and the whole user experience is very straight forward and unnoticeable. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone’s menus are not overly padded, but, well organized with almost everything and there are a few ZTE additions to stock Android functionality, but everything is well developed and executed with no extra clutter. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone, on starting with its lockscreen opted for a slide-up unlock approach that moves the notifications upwards over the rest of the interface and also features a time and date widget along with a two shortcuts that leads to the dialer and camera on the bottom. Beyond the lockscreen, comes a fairly standard android homescreen with upto 18 homescreen panes that are available for the user’s disposal. Due to lot of space, ZTE has opted for using a conventional app drawer, that comes in handy and with the no app drawer, if anything installed, pops up on the homescreen and the user can group the apps in folders that looks a lot like stock Lollipop. A long press on the homescreen gets to the management screen and using this, the user can go for:

  • rearrange
  • delete
  • add panes. Since there are no dedicated add or delete buttons in the menu, but there is always an extra empty screen that appears in the management area and if something is placed on it, it becomes active as a new screen. Removing it, becomes the reverse procedure and this is kind of a chore which would definitely can be used in the case of remodeling from ZTE. On tapping on the ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone on the homescreen opens up the way for the quick access to:
  • color schemes
  • wallpapers
  • effects
  • launcher settings.
    ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone also comes with a preloaded with a few wallpapers as well as a lot of nice solid-color options and there is an online library for additional colors to be downloaded. Though the smartphone’s sound is little bit odd, it does double as a link to more wallpapers that adds a blur filter in case of a varying intensity to any wallpaper. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone’s menu also contains an effects tab that allows to choose between a few nice transition animations between screens in order to keep the experience fresh and its final tab contains a link that connects to the main phone setting as well as that appears to be a settings menu for the launcher itself along with the options for backing up and restoring. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone comes with the three separate places for the the menu structure in which and where an update option is available.
    First comes the standard System updates which is located under “About phone” and this option, however does not connect to a remote server but instead of that, it is intended for manual updates off the SD card.
    ZTE provides a separate System update application in where the user can go for OTA packages and moreover, it also comes with a backup and restore feature that works with the external storage.
    Thirdly, comes the aforementioned update in the Launcher options which is the separate feature and responsible solely for keeping the UI up to date and can also be considered as the shortcut to the OTA center. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone’s notification area is same as that of normally expected from Android 5.0 and on pulling it down, reveals that the notifications are nicely animated in a list fashion and right above it, comes the standard time and date widget along with a battery indicator that is supposed to be Android Lollipop’s new profile manager and selector. On pulling down a second time reveals the quick toggles which is eight to be precise that can be selected dynamically according to the usage patterns as well as a brightness slider and as a battery percentage indicator. Totally, ZTE Blade S6 has no trouble with responsiveness and its Snapdragon 615 breezes through menus with ease that saves for one notable exception.    

ZTE Blade S6 – Performance:

ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone comes with the Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 chipset which is equipped with the four Cortex-A53 cores that is clocked at 1.7 GHz and another four at 1.0 GHz and backed up by 2GB of RAM that comes with 16 GB of onboard storage which can be extensible through a microSD card. It’s accompanying GPU is the modest Adreno 405 and this particular hardware setup is quite good for a sub $300 phone. Though it does not seems to be particularly popular with only a few other adopters such as:

  • Oppo R5
  • HTC Desire 820
  • Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro.
    But, however, it offers an impressive price to performance ration and brings current technologies and standards in a budget package. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone’s snapdragon 615 provides a quite capable octa-core CPU setup that might not be up to par with the advanced features of the recent 800 series Qualcomm chips, but, it is the top offering from the 600 series and has 64-bit support, which is a Android’s recent move towards the generally better-performing architecture that brings a pretty much an investment in the future.
    ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone’s Adreno 405 which also happily handle most of the current graphics intense game that the user can throw at it and comes fully equipped to handle LTE ant Cat. 4 that speeds of up to 150 Mbps. It is known that the few budget-friendly devices can boast such an impressive package, but, when having a glance at the benchmark scores, it shows that the raw CPU performance test with GeekBench 3 provides much pretty straight-forward in this department and unsurprisingly, the devices such as Xiaomi Mi 4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Huawei Honor 5 steal the show with their Snapdragon 801 and HiSilicon Kirin 920 respectively.                                                                                        top

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