ZTE Blade S6 – A Research Review – I

ZTE Blade S6

ZTE Blade S6 – A Research Review – I

Review – I Covers:

ZTE Blade S6 – Design and Display:

ZTE Blade S6 is stylishly simple and nice but the design is seen to be completely copied out and across closer inspection, ZTE Blade S6 withstands the little actual similarity to the high-end iPhone 6. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone’s 13MP camera lens is sitting as a flush on the back without disturbing  in any way, coming to its 7.7mm thick, ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone got enough room to carry out what a 6.9mm iPhone 6 can do it. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone is coated with the plastic body, but even-though, it may not be nearly as premium as an alloy unibody but it helps the 144 x 70.7 x 7.7mm dimension smartphone tip the scales at a pretty lightweight 134gm and there was no need for additional plastic accents either to aid signal reception.

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ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone, apart from being a little heavier, ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone is also bigger than the iPhone in every dimension and also, provides a slightly larger screen at 5 inches  when compared to Apple’s 4.7″ diagonal. The main advantage is that, ZTE Blade S6 feels very comfortable in the hand, its overall shape and curved slides are pretty much the same as that of the ones that is present on the iPhone which consists of a matte finish. The front of the ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone is pure white and very subtly curved around the edges of the screen. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone’s handset currently comes in two colors such as: the white or platinum and currently, a matte pink version that comes in a looks that consists of rather glossy which is bit similar to the shiny version of the iPhone 5c.
ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone feels quite good in the hand and also being strong pretty, it does not have a apparent build quality blunders in where the everything is nicely put together with no cracks or rough edges. The plastic coats brings the feeling of good to the touch, but bends slightly in, when pressed. Though it might be that it is too thin or just quite flexible, but, it does gives in , if you press near the ZTE logo and also though there seems to be a few hollow areas at the back of the ZTE Blade S6, but this does not brings big deal and was perhaps necessary to accommodate the camera sensor that without being anything protruding. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone comes with a 5 inch 16M-color display along with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and it holds an IPS LCD panel, it’s colors are little bit washed away. The bezels around the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone are quite thin and provides a pretty good screen-to-body ratio of 67.7%. Above the screen of the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone comes the earpiece that is flanked by the proximity and ambient light sensors and the front-facing camera. Right underneath the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone, three capacitive buttons are seen. Out of the three buttons, the center one is essentially a blue ring that flashes a nice blue light to indicate:

  • notifications
  • charging
  • to simply respond to taps.
    The other two buttons are denoted by simple small dots of the same color. The absence of specific icons gives the suggestions that the default settings, i.e the left one serves as a menu button, while the right one is back that can easily be changed which is a nice little touch.

On going round the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone, two very similar slots on the left side is found and they both nicely rounded to fit the shape of the curved side. The top one handles the two nanoSIM cards  and the bottom is meant for the microSD card. The right side of the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone is occupied with the volume rocker and Power/Lock buttons. The 3.5mm headphone jack is placed on the top of the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone near the left corner and its bottom of the phone features only a microUSB port and a microphone and no speakers or screws are likely to be seen on the iPhone. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone’s back occupied with a 13MP camera lens in the top left corner along with a single LED flash which is right next to it and it seems that ZTE has opted to move as much stuff as possible away from the sides and on to the back panel. The right side of the camera lens of the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphon consists of a aforementioned vertical alignment in which there is a very tiny hole that houses the second noise-cancelling mic. Near the bottom of the ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone, a small speaker grilleis present. It’s rear-mounted speaker can get easily wrapped.  ZTE Blade S6 has a microscopic leg which is sufficient enough to give the speaker some breathing air when the phone is laying on its back on a flat surface condition. ZTE Blade S6 is equipped with a 5-inch LCD IPS display along with 720 x 1280px resolution. Though impressively sharp, but it is perfectly alright at 294ppi. Even-though, colors are little washed out , it definitely be more vivid, but, when comes to display, it is still pretty nice although a little bit too reflective. ZTE Blade S6 andorid smartphone’s screen itself is slightly curved towards the edges, such as like the one that is present on the Moto X (2014) in which the user can actually feel in end-to-end horizontal swipes. ZTE Blade S6 android smartphone uses a standard RGB matrix in its LCD panel and with its pixel density of 294, it seems that there is nothing really too impressive with the panel.                 top

ZTE Blade S6 – Display Test Measurements:

Display test 50% brightness 100% brightness
Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio
ZTE Blade S6 0.26 248 986 0.46 457 946
HTC Desire 616 dual sim 0.35 306 880 0.5 487 976
HTC Desire 820 0.18 235 1299 0.45 598 1327
Oppo R5 0 238 0 417
Motorola Moto G (2014) 0.24 253 1039 0.43 413 968
Sony Xperia C3 Dual 0.13 152 1207 0.56 642 1153
Lenovo S90 Sisley 0 119 0 344
Samsung Galaxy A5 0 191 0 398
Xiaomi Mi 4 0.17 164 940 0.73 679 929
Samsung Galaxy S5 0 274 0 529

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