Samsung Galaxy A7 – A Research Review – I

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 – A Research Review – I

Review – I Covers:

Samsung Galaxy A7 – Hardware:

(video by Cxer454)

Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone is coated with a rigid metal frame and its entire body except  the camera bump is just 6.3mm thick and the low weight does not make the smartphone feel any less solid. When comes to the difference, though it is mostly tactile but, looks-wise pretty as much as the Samsung Galaxy S III as because the camera, LED, loudspeaker arrangement is a direct copy of the 2012 flagship and the hardware keys below the screen and the earpiece above it all came out of the Galaxy parts bin. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s color selection such as:

  • Pearl White
  • Midnight Black
  • Champagne Gold – All those are the industry standard color selections that the iPhone 5s debuted in 2013 and at least, the metal frame and the plastic elements are painted a consistent color that is similar to the Champagne Gold option.
Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 – Hardware

The metal frame goes around the sides of the Samsung Galaxy A7 and the Gorilla Glass 4 covers the screen that is slightly sunken so that it catches the finger every time when done with an edge swipe and this part of the frame is chambered and there are no sharp corners poking at the thumb, but still expected it to be flush with the screen. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s screen consists of a hardware Home key and there is no fingerprint sensor beneath it, though Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 got it.
On each side of the Home key comes the:

  • one capacitive key
  • App switcher on the left
  • Back button on the right.
    Above the screen comes a 5MP selfie camera with a wide-angle, 106° camera and this wide selfie mode works like a panorama to make even wider photos and also, even animated GIFs can be created. This camera s specialized in detecting a raised, open palm and will start a 2-second timer or need to tap the screen to take a photo. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s metal trim is the place where all the ports and slots are occupied and the right side is quite busy with a Power key and two card slots. On the dual-SIM device, the one nearer the bottom holds SIM1 while the one above it has a combo tray that can hold either another SIM or a microSD card and both the slots uses nanoSIM and requires an ejector tool to open.
    At the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone comes the:
  • microUSB port for data and charging
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • mouthpiece.
    And its companion noise cancellation mic is on the top and finally, the left side holds the volume rocker. At the back of the Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone comes the 13MP main camera and on its left comes a single LED while on the right is the loudspeaker grille. The 13MP camera stands out significantly from the back and the back panel is made of matte plastic that fits so tightly in place so that nothing sinks or bends and in the case of feel, it’s a lot like painted metal rather than the exposed anodized aluminum that most metal unibody smartphones use. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone is not a small device and roughly similar to the size of a Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s 6.3mm of thickness and relatively low weight doesn’t meant that the device does not feel of bulky despite its actual size and it is still quite a stretch to reach the top part of the display, but the Samsung Galax A7 packs all the one-hand use features of the Note 4.                                         

Samsung Galaxy A7 – Display:

(video by point technology) 

Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone gets the Super AMOLED treatment and the screen has 1080p resolution and is a bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s screen and the difference in surface area is under 8%. And in the case of the sharpness, the screen has just over 400ppi and even with Super AMOLED’s PenTile matrix that’s more than enough. Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge screens looks crisper but there is a difference noticeable mostly when a side-by-side comparison is done. When observed under a microscope, the diamond PenTile matrix of the Samsung Galaxy A7 can be viewed and it is the same diamond layout that Samsung has been using since the Samsung Galaxy S4 and on its flagships ever since. Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s screen has impressive contrast and bright colors typical of AMOLEDs and additionally, Samsung has added the Display mode setting to help the user to control the white balance and color saturation.
Samsung Galaxy A7 android smartphone’s screen screen shows a bit of a color shift at an angle, more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen shows and the maximum brightness is on the low side, not particularly impressive even for an AMOLED display. This screen consists of the option to increase the touch sensitivity so that the user can use it with gloves and the other helpful features includes:

  • Smart stay – keep the backlight on while the front camera can see the face
  • Smart rotate – orients the screen relative to the face, not the accelerometer readings.
    Since 5.5 inch display screen is more than some people can manage with one hand and additonally, Samsung provides three more options to help them to deal with it. First one is, one-handed input, that squishes the on-screen keyboard to the left or right so that the user can reach all the keys with the thumb.
    Second one, is the Side key panel that enables the on-screen versions of the hardware keys and the user can move this panel around to where it is most comfortable, it also slides out of the way, so that it won’t cover anything important and lastly, comes the Reduce screen options that shrinks the whole image into a smaller, floating window so that the user can move around and this mode also has on-screen buttons that it adds volume up and down too , which then can be triggered by a swipe left then right gesture.   

Samsung Galaxy A7 – Display Test Measurements:

Display test 50% brightness 100% brightness
Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio Black, cd/m2 White, cd/m2 Contrast ratio
Samsung Galaxy A7 0 175 0 349
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 0 291 0 399
LG G3 0.14 109 763 0.72 570 789
Samsung Galaxy S5 0 274 0 529
Motorola Nexus 6 0 149 0 372
OnePlus One 0.39 317 805 0.75 598 799

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