Quick Heal Mobile Security Application

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application

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Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Overview:

Quick Heal mobile security application is an antivirus app that is widely used by people who wants to avoid any issues in the future. The name itself would suggest that it should be used by the people who have the issues already but it is better to install this app before any problems would arise.
Though it acts as an antivirus app it also has the solutions for the people who think that they have been seriously infected. It also comes with a few features like functions to block spam messages and control any unwanted SMS texts with a black list for numbers that bothers and the same can be set it even though some spam messages are allowed through if approved them personally.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Overview (Visual):

(video by quickheal)

(video by quickheal)

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Description:

As an Indian software developer, Quick Heal makes android security apps for Android that gives a fair performance when its malware-detection skills were tested.

Quick Heal mobile security for android applications found between 65-90 % of the infected samples in the 10 of the 19 tests and caught 90% plus of malware in a further five categories. The Quick Heal mobile security for android application scans both the android device as well as any installed media cards unless it is not asked to check both.The Quick Heal mobile security for android application prefers to attempt to repair damaged or infected files though necessary details are not provided and the settings can be changed to delete suspect files.

The Quick Heal mobile security consists of useful additions like call blocking and number blacklisting for the protection of the android smartphone. It also keeps a record of any unwanted SMS messages that are received so that they can be reported and traced. Quick Heal malware scanner preserves the handset from the unwanted callers.  

Quick Heal mobile security application is compatible with android as well as blackberry platforms comes as a powerful suite that gives the real-time protection against:

  • Virus threats,
  • Anti-theft,
  • Unwanted calls,
  • SMS.

Quick Heal mobile security’s easy-to-use virus protection feature helps to keep the mobile protected from viruses. SMS and Call block features allows to effectively control spam messages and create a black list to keep a check over unwanted SMS’s and calls. This becomes as a smart way of preventing the inbox from getting congested with advertisements or other pop-up SMS’s and additonally a white list of reliable sources to receive SMS from can also be created.
Quick Heal mobile security’s robust anti-theft feature helps to:

  • Lock the mobile,
  • Wipe out confidential data,
  • Locate the device if it is lost or stolen.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Highlights:

  • License is valid for 1 year
  • Automatic real-time virus
  • Spyware scan
  • Enables to block unwanted calls and SMS
  • SMS Spam Protection
  • Anti Theft Protection

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Features:

  • Scan Device
    • Quick Scan
    • Custom Scan
    • Schedule Scan
    • Security Advisor
    • Privacy Advisor
  • Message Center
  • Remote Device Management
  • Activity
  • Call Forwarding
  • Activity
  • Security Shield
  • Background Scan
  • Personal Security
  • Set Privacy
    • Call & Message Filter
    • International Call Block
    • Message Exception List
    • Register With TRAI
  • Regular Automated Virus Updates
  • Intruder detection
  • Share App
  • Anti-Theft
  • Trusted SIMs List
  • Quick Settings Notification

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Technical Details:

General Features
Brand Quick Heal
Software Type
Security Software
Security Type
Mobile Security
Security Features
Antivirus Protection
Malware Protection
System Monitor
System Requirements
Android 2.1 or Higher; Blackberry 5.0.0 or Higher
Processor – Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP : 300 MHz Pentium Processor, Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 : 1 GHz Pentium Processor
Hard Disk Space – 1.40 GB of free space
Memory – Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP : 256 MB RAM, Windows Vista/Windows 7 : 512 MB RAM (32-bit), 1 GB RAM (64-bit), Windows 8 : 512 MB RAM (32-bit), 1 GB RAM (64-bit)
Operating System – Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Subscription Validity
1 year
Other Features Call Blocking
SMS Blocking
SMS Spam Protection
AntiSpyware, Anti-Rootkit, Firewall Protection, Self Protection, Browsing Protection, Zero-time Protection, Privacy Protection, Flash Drive Protection
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Android Resolutions: 240×320, 320×480, 480×800, 600×1024/ BlackBerry Resolutions: 20×240, 360×480, 480×360, 640×480

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Anti-Theft Protection:

On setting up the Quick Heal mobile security application, security key is needed to be set up as it would be used in emergency conditions like forgetting the phone somewhere else that cannot be traced or by lost and theft.
In these critical situations, one has to undergo “BLOCK, LOCATE and ERASE” features and this can be done by using an alternative mobile number with the Quick Heal mobile security application…

  • For blocking the phone, type “BLOCK ”(Without Quotes) and SMS to the android mobile.
  • To locate the mobile, type “TRACE ”(Without Quotes) and SMS to the android mobile and within a minute a SMS containing the lost phone’s latitude and longitude with a map link will be received.
  • And also, If the SIM card of the phone is changed, an instant SMS will be send to the alternate mobile if the alternate mobile number is been set up before.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Pros:

  • Produces reports on everything
  • Command line options
  • Gives real-time protection
  • Various scan options
  • Quick response and action
  • Good in executing the necessary action
  • Many advanced function such as launching anti malware
  • Increase speed of computer using this antivirus
  • Installation process is very easy
  • Automatically built for detection of virus through whole memory of CPU
  • Gives complete protection from USB flash drives
  • Gives complete protection from web browser
  • Contains very simple process for installation & activation
  • Has good detection rate
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast & reliable
  • Excellent User interface
  • Fantastic sandbox browser facility
  • Complete PC security tool with all the required features
  • Firewall, email scanner, process manager and free updates.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Cons:

  • Contains complicated installation process
  • Other security products needs to be uninstalled
  • Does not detect ransomeware.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Other Pics:

Quick Heal mobile security download options

Quick Heal mobile security download options

Quick Heal mobile security track cleaner

Quick Heal mobile security track cleaner

Quick Heal Mobile Security Application – Download:

Quick Heal mobile security provides quick and reliable protection from viruses, harassing calls, texts, and from theft. Even-though it is a paid app that’s competes with powerful security freebies, it stands up well to them with its stylish interface and user friendliness. For a need of a complete protection this app is very worth for the mobile device.
Once Quick Heal mobile security application is installed, there comes a option to buy the full version of the app or start a free trial. The trial version of this application provides all of the features of the premium edition so that one can go for the testing the app’s call, text blocking as well as its anti-theft mode right away.
Though the latter takes some time to set up but it can help remotely wipe and find the phone if it’s lost or stolen. Apart from this, all of the application’s settings are available from a stylish menu which is a pleasure to use. Virus scanning takes about five minutes to scan the phone and if any a legitimate threat is found out, Quick Heal eliminated it automatically without asking for any confirmation.
Quick Heal mobile security which is a well-built application will protects the phone from just about anything that could befall it except the rain and though all its features are not needed, there is a way for trial which is very worth.

Few Words From Author Desk:

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