WhatsApp Chats Do Not Get Deleted Even if You Delete Them


WhatsApp recently impressed everyone. It enabled end to end encryption for chats, making it impossible for third parties to snoop on the messages. But contrary to this safety measure, there is also a flaw in the application, a recent report says. The report suggests that the logs get retained somewhere even if you delete your chat or archive them.

The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS has been found with this bug. Even if a user clears all chats, deletes or archives them, the messages will still be there. Those texts can be easily picked up by hackers and forensic people, says an expert on the subject. Uninstalling and deleting WhatsApp is the only way to make sure your entire history is gone.


These stored logs will remain probably harmless most of the time. But if the device ends up in the wrong hands, such stored data would turn into a goldmine that spits out treasure to fuel their bad intentions. Even if the device is not physically accessed, any one with a remote access to your iPhone could misuse this information.

WhatsApp uses SQLite Library in coding the application. It does not overwrite the deleted chats by default. As long as the data is not overwritten, it stays recoverable.

WhatsApp uses iCloud for BackUp

WhatsApp uses iCloud for BackUp

Also, backed up chats in WhatsApp also need more safety. If you backup your WhatsApp chats, it will show up on both Desktop and iCloud. The desktop backup can be encrypted. But the iCloud backup doesn’t feature any kind of encryption. This makes the backed up data vulnerable and easily accessible to anybody with the right tools.

While this is relatively a minor problem that users need not panic about, they still need to know that such a flaw exists in an app they use. We expect that WhatsApp will fix this bug soon. Till then, you could disable the iCloud backup option. Also, periodically uninstalling and installing the application will help you flush the database clean off all unwanted stored data.

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