Nothing is Free! Stop WhatsApp – Facebook Data Sharing


Earlier this year, Facebook started data sharing practices to increase its market value. This data sharing includes monitoring the user and sending the collected details to a third party to target the user with specific ads. This option was not welcomed at all most all users around the world, because it violates the user privacy.

Facebook monitoring includes the monitoring of user in browsers. When a account has been logged in on a browser, it automatically starts collecting information like user browser history and which website he most visits and sends this information to Facebook server under the user’s name to target them with third party specific ads.

Facebook wants your WhatsApp Information

Facebook wants your WhatsApp Information

Likewise, the social media giant has now intruded WhatsApp too. WhatsApp is a free message transferring application that is used by millions of users worldwide. After the latest update of WhatsApp application, Facebook has added an option in the WhatsApp called ‘sharing the information’. This option allows the user to share their mobile number and status with the company to get more information about the user.

Stop Whats App – Facebook Information Sharing

Method 1

The first method to stop this data sharing options is very simple. Once the Whats App application is updated to the latest version, this sharing option is activated. When opening the WhatsApp application for the first time after the latest update, WhatsApp shows a new Terms and Conditions which states the addition of new data sharing option. But users simply click agree button without reading it completely. There is option to read more in this page which shows the user the elaborated version of Terms and Conditions. At the bottom of the Terms and Condition there is an option to turn off the data sharing option. Clicking it will stop the Whats App – Facebook data sharing.



Method 2

This method is useful when the user mistakenly agreed to the data sharing option by clicking the agree button in the Terms and Conditions without reading it. After agreeing to the data sharing option user can turn off this option by following these steps.

Step 1: Go To Settings in WhatsApp
Step 2: In the Settings Open Account Tab
Step 3: Under The Account Tab There Is An Option To Turn Off The WhatsApp – Facebook Data Sharing Option.
Step 4: Unchecking this box will give the user the relief of stopping the data sharing with third parties.
Opt out of Information Sharing to WhatsApp

Opt out of Information Sharing to WhatsApp


This drastic change in user privacy of Facebook has had a huge impact on users. Worldwide many users have already deactivated their account because of this problem. If this privacy intrusion by Facebook continues, then it will be a huge loss for the social media giant.

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