Indians win the Smartphone Addiction War


Indians win the Smartphone Addiction War

A survey conducted by the B2X Care Solutions has revealed some interesting facts on the levels of gadget addictions over various countries of the world. Indians have proved be the Most Smartphone Addicted Human Beings on the planet with 57% of them confessing that they cannot live without their smartphone.

B2X Care solutions is a Customer Care Solutions Provider for Mobile Handset Units, situated in Germany. They participants of the survey were composed of random persons from India, Brazil, Germany, United States and China, the top major smart phone markets. The survey was done to highlight the need of superior Smart phone Customer Service, which is a specialty of B2X.

The participants of the survey were as follows:

  • 518 from United States.
  • 503 from Brazil.
  • 515 from China.
  • 535 from Germany.
  • 507 from India.
Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction

The Highlights of the Results

  • China: The Chinese spend the most amounts of their earnings on a smartphone. 80% of Chinese own two smartphones. Also, 75% of the Chinese buy devices that are more than Rs. 15,000. Even more, the Chinese replace their gadgets within a year.
  • United States: The young Americans of 16 to 29 years sleep with their handsets. Even if you promise them Rs. 32,000, they are not ready to give up on their handset for even a week.
  • Germany: The Germans are the least smartphone addicted humans on the planet! But even then, 84% of Germans confess that they wish to own the most advanced smartphone when they do buy one.
  • Brazil: The Brazilians are the heaviest smartphone users on the planet, with an average of more than 3 hours each day.
  • India: 57% of the citizens of India have said that they could simply not live without their smartphone, making them the most smartphone addicted humans on earth.
Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction

Addiction: a Global Epidemic

‘Though the percentages differ in these regions, the addiction is the same’, notes the B2X.

Here are some highlights on the level of addiction:
  • One out of six Germans is ready to abandon his car for a week, rather than his smartphone.
  • One out of 6 Brazilians is ready to abandon his/her life prater rather than staying a week without his/her smartphone.
  • One out of seven Americans is ready to leave his best friend for a week rather than his own smartphone.
  • One in two Chinese would sacrifice his television than his smartphone.
  • One in three Indians would abandon his television rather than his smartphone.





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