NetQin Mobile Security Application

NetQin Mobile Security Application

NetQin Mobile Security Application

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NetQin – Overview:

NetQin Mobile Security safeguards the android smartphones from malignant viruses, worms, spyware, malware and other dangers. As NetQin consists of antiphishing features it protects from malicious websites and when works with the real time, if any malware is found to be infects the phone or any other android device, NetQin would automatically take care of it without waiting for a scheduled scan. NetQin consists of Traffic monitoring tools to examine the smartphone’s data usage which prevents from using it too much and also, it can be used to enhance the smartphone’s memory, battery and CPU performance with device optimization. NetQin also blocks unwanted callers or text messages and this mobile virus protection application helps to back up contacts to an SD card or to a NetQin server.

Even-though within the physical control, personal identity can be lost in some cases as because the smartphones are mobile devices, more dangers happens to security when separated from the hardware due to many circumstances.
In this point, to prevent an unauthorized person getting access into the data that is considered much valuable than the hardware, NetQin mobile antivirus application comes with anti-theft features that remotely locate, lock and wipe the data from the phone, sends the pics of the thief’s face and alerts the user if the SIM card changes.
In other case, if the phone is misplaced somewhere, instead of invoking advanced anti-theft features, activate a scream alarm that leads to its location even though it was set to mute.
With the NetQin’s single main interface screen, there is a way for accessing all the primary functions and the user interface is very simple to navigate and each of its function screen presents very clearly. For more help, NQ Mobile Help Center is open-up for queries.

NetQin – Overview (Visual):

(video by Android Authority)

NetQin – New Features:

  • Comes with powerful mobile optimization
  • Holds extensive account protection for Internet, online shopping and banking
  • Handles optimized antivirus engine
  • Contains QR scanner
  • Does enhanced mobile acceleration
  • Consists of new interface design

NetQin – Key Features:

  • Act as a antivirus that blocks viruses, spyware, malware and trojans
  • Gives a safe browsing and download, protects from phishing sites and malware
  • Holds a privacy protection monitors apps that access the private data without permission
  • Consists of traffic monitoring that tracks data usage
  • Handles system optimization
  • Contains contacts and messages backup
  • Anti-lost feature locates the lost phone remotely 

NetQin – Description:

NetQin Mobile Security Application

NetQin Mobile Security Application

NetQin mobile security application provides variety of features that protects the precious android phone. It consists of dual-engine scanning that rids nasty viruses and malware. NetQin’s engine scans major applications and system files in less than 60 seconds and also consists of options for a complete and customized scan.
To include that complete customized scan, there is an add-on called “Anti-Lost” that locate the lost or stolen smartphone from any computer that can access the web an simultaneously, it helps to take backup contacts or restore from backup files. Using the data usage tracker, NetQin alerts for the nearing monthly data budget. NetQin Mobile Security provides features more than being a security application that makes cent percentage competitive with other programs.

NetQin – Demo (Visual):

(video by Eva Wu)

NetQin – Dual-Engine Scanning:

NetQin mobile security application overrides the competition with its “award-winning” twin-engine scanning feature. It’s cloud and client software gives a fast scan feature that quickly scans the major system applications and other applications in less than 60 seconds.
NetQin mobile security application’s antivirus scan feature holds as a option of a customized scan, full scan, or just the “time saver” scheduled scan and after each scan, it will display apps that are infected, and provide a option to delete them from the device.
The application also comes with browsing protection that allows the user to surf and the malicious websites will be detected and a notified before the infected website is accessed.

NetQin – Contact Recovery:

NetQin mobile security application’s contact backup and/or restore function feature makes the users confident and not to worry about the lost contacts since it has been saved to the personal NetQin account and it can be accessed with any android device.
Additionally, the user gets the option to go for a backup contacts to a neighboring SD card or even to the NetQin server.

NetQin – Privacy Protection:

NetQin mobile security appliation’s privacy protection feature is simple and basically shows installed applications that has special permissions, for ex, permission to access contacts, messaging, email, etc.., Additionally, it provides option to delete those apps that could  be malicious with additional safety information.

NetQin – Anti-Lost:

NetQin mobile security application’s anti-lost feature is very enchanting as it operates through NetQin’s online tool called NQ Space that provides necessary information through its location status feature and helps to recover the lost or stolen phone more easily.
NQ Space feature of NetQin can for a alarm, locate the device, simply lock and wipe the device so that the unauthorized users will not have any access. 

NetQin – System Optimization:

NetQin mobile security application’s system optimization feature allows  to manage and optimize all applications on the device and its root users have the option to look at related apps and undergo the  research on the security information about the installed third-party software.

NetQin – Traffic Manager:

To have the details about the purchased new plan, switched different networks or about the monthly data charges, NetQin mobile security application’s Traffic Manager feature hereby helps to set a monthly usage quota and monitor its recent activity on the required device and also, it will show the daily as well as monthly charts that makes to aware of upcoming usage or going beyond the plan allowance.
Additionally, users will also receive notifications and messages when they near their data allowance which would leave some extra wiggle room for the most important applications that requires data.

NetQin – Download:

NetQin – Other Products:

NetQin – Other Pics:

 NQ Security

NQ Security

NQ Security Options

NQ Security Options

NetQin Mobile Security Application - antivirus

NetQin Mobile Security Application – antivirus

NetQin Mobile Security Application - antitheft

NetQin Mobile Security Application – antitheft

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