The Thinnest Ever Smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A8


Though there are certain actual rumors are wide spreading around the Samsung Inc, the Korean giant isn’t interested in addressing those stuffs. Perhaps, it is quite busy in launching sensational Smartphones across the world. It is earlier said that, Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note Edge + this week, yet there is no official words about the same. Today, Samsung unveiled another magnificent Smartphone in China, none other than Samsung Galaxy A8. It is officially claimed to be the “Thinnest Ever Smartphone from Samsung Inc”. It is definitely not a spec monster, perhaps earned the good response to the opening ceremony!

Galaxy A8 – Slimmest Smartphone from Samsung:

“Slim Body” is the great feature built with the Galaxy A8, whilst none other specs are impressive as this! Most of the earlier Smartphones from Samsung are being earned better response; the critics are also accessible, especially with the front end. This made Samsung to put certain effort to bring the “Slimmest Ever Smartphone” from their pocket.

Some of the early slimmest Smartphones are as follows,

  • 4.75mm thickness made Vivo X5 Max
  • Oppo R5 with 4.85mm thickness and
  • Gionee Elife S5.1 Smartphone with 5.1mm thickness

Grippingly, the new Samsung Galaxy A8 Smartphone will consequently compete with the above mentioned Smartphones in the market.

The Samsung’s Galaxy A8 Smartphone is featured with the size of 5.9mm thickness, which is made up of metal body completely. This took the mobile weight up to 151gm. The bezel base can be considered as void, as it can basically round to Zero. Though, we can’t say it is a better competitor with the high end devices, can be a strong competitor for any mid ranger!

Internal Specs of Galaxy A8 Smartphone:

Let us have an internal visit to the Galaxy A8 mobile to dig its specs categorically.

The Thinnest Ever Smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A8

Leaked Specifications of The Samsung Galaxy A8 2015

The mobile is equipped with the 5.7 inch touch screen, which is made up of Full HD resolution 1080p made OLED technology.

The Octa Core CPU from Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 family provides better performance in the processing section.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is built with 16MP primary camera with f2.2 aperture, whereas the Selfie camera is built with 5MP snapper along with f1.9 aperture.

The mobile is also equipped with 2GB RAM, which ensures the finest multitasking with the operating system. Yes, the mobile is built to run on the Android Lollipop operating system.

The mobile’s battery is built with 3050mAh capacity, which is quite higher than flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile’s battery.

Crucial Features to Enjoy with the Samsung Galaxy A8:

Apart from the above mentioned features, the mobile is also outfitted with certain interesting features and are as follows.

The Korean tech giant has built its mobile with the Fingerprint sensor, also with a Hand wave detection sensor. The Hand Wave Detection sensor is highly useful in the process of taking Selfie. Yes, this sensor triggers the auto photo timer on the camera, especially with the front camera. The premium metal body with the Galaxy A8 Smartphone makes the same a better alternate to the recently launched HTC Desire 826 in Asian Countries.

Rumored Cost of Galaxy A8 Mobile in China:

The Thinnest Ever Smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A8

The Thinnest Ever Smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A8

Though the Samsung Galaxy A8 Smartphone has become official in China, nevertheless its price! But, certain rumor mills quoted that, the mobile will be priced at 34989 Yuan i.e. $560. If that becomes true, the mobile will have a high end Smartphone’s price accordingly. Interestingly, there is no news about the availability of the Samsung Galaxy A8 mobile in the US, India and other European countries as well.

Bottom Line:

The new slimmest Smartphone from Samsung, i.e. Galaxy A8 has spectacular feature. Perhaps, the price and availability of the mobile will decide its fate globally!




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