Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone Launched Rs.29490/-


Sony has officially declared another Smartphone in the industry termed as Sony Xperia C4. This mobile is assumed to be highly concentrated on its Selfie Camera indeed. Some of the rumor claims that, it should be called as “PROSelfie Smartphone”. Accordingly, the Smartphone price is officially declared as Rs.29490 in India. Some of the other software & hardware combinations of the mobile seem to be moderate and reasonable for the price it packs for sale. Interestingly, the group Selfie is an important feature that is built to this mobile, according to the source. Let us find the exclusive details about the Smartphone in depth in the following lines.

Highlights of Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone:

  • 5.5 inch Full HD IPS Display Touch Screen
  • 13MP HDR Rear Camera & 5MP Exmor Selfie Camera
  • 1.7GHz 64bit Octa Core CPU from MediaTek
  • 2GB RAM & 16GB Internal Memory
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System
  • 2600mAh Long lasting battery capacity

Software Segment of Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone:

As of now, Sony has released another quality Smartphone in the Indian market with the Selfie Centric feature. Hope you know, this month got an official status just a month ago and now the same comes live in the market. This proves Sony’s hard work in the background to come back with shine in the market as they were in a few years back.

While coming to the software feature of the Sony Xperia C4, there is not much interesting in the sector than the latest Android OS for sure. Of course, this PROSelfie Smartphone is enabled with the latest Android Lollipop iteration version 5.0.1 right out of the box. Let the Android Skin makes the Sony Smartphone even better in terms of look and style.

Hardware Features of Sony Xperia C4 2015:

Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone Launched Rs.29490/-

Hardware Features of New Sony Xperia C4 Smartphone 2015

This PROSelfie Smartphone has got some brilliant stuff in the hardware combinations as a whole. The Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 is what makes the system’s touch screen display. Perhaps the same undergoes the high quality, Full HD display features followed by the IPS technology implementation as well. This display is raised up to 5.5 inches and hence you will definitely get a beautiful impression of every pixel’s color reproduction.

Importantly, the camera plays a key role in the Smartphones hardware feature. Certainly, the PROSelfie Smartphone is featured with 13MP Rear camera that is capable of taking perfect videos and pictures with its Auto Focus technology indeed. Also, the same is well supported by the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology for the bright pictures. While coming to the Selfie section of the mobile, it is featured with 5MP sensor with the phenomenal features.

Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone Launched Rs.29490/-

Enjoy Amazing Selfies with Sony Xperia C4 Smartphone 2015

You can add plenty of elements to your Selfies on the go with Style Portraits options. These features are included with “Vampire” & “Mystery” category elements as well. Another important feature made available with the Selfie segment is that, it is built with the AR Mask theme, which helps you to twist your friend’s mind by changing the face of your Selfie instantly with other faces. It will really be interesting when it comes to the real time application.

When it comes to the system faster operation stuffs, it goes with the mobiles CPU, and Sony makes no mistake with this feature. Yes, the new Sony Xperia C4 PROSelfie Smartphone is built with 1.7GHz speed & powerful processor from MediaTek. Technically the MediaTek MTK6752 SoC is what built in and this is capable of operating 64bit instructions. Interestingly, the mobile CPU is well coupled to the 2GB spacious RAM for the effective multitasking requirements. The internal memory of the mobile is limited to 16GB and you can also expand the same up to 32GB.

Another interesting feature you can enjoy with this Smartphone is that, it is built to support 4G LTE connectivity on its both dual SIM slots. The mobile is also enabled with long lasting battery support of 2600mAh and hence you will definitely get a decent backup of battery to your requirements in real time.  The STAMINA mode helps you to keep engaged with it for a longer period.

Bottom Line:

The new mobile from Sony, simply the Xperia C4 the PROSelfie Smartphone is made available in three distinctive colors, i.e. Vibrant Mint, Black & White as well. As of now, the specs look so good for the cost fixed to the same, at least at the paper level. Stay amazed, we will give you the review of the Sony Xperia C4 sooner.




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