Samsung to Release Tizen OS Based Samsung Z3 Smartphone


Samsung is doing their best works in all parts of consumer electronics products in the trend. Samsung is certainly one among the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) company, which is interested in developing their requirement by their own. In order to complete a brand Smartphone, you need a quality hardware, operating system followed by the heart of the mobile, CPU. Samsung is keen in developing all these stuffs by themselves, just in order to avoid dependability on the others. As of now, Samsung has all these features with them, like Samsung Exynos Chipset, which is even utilized by many other emerging global Smartphone makers indeed.

Samsung Tizen OS Smartphones:

Though it is certainly a developing project by Samsung, the same has few mobiles under their name. Samsung Z1 is the first mobile to get this Tizen OS, an Android based operating system, but not a complete Android features. This mobile as received a decent response, especially in Nepal & Bangladesh countries. Though, Samsung launched this Z1 mobile in India, the response towards the same is not as impressive as the earlier mentioned areas. Hence, Samsung is utilizing their big plans towards the launching of newbie mobiles with the Tizen platform.

Samsung Z3 Smartphone to Come Later 2015:

Samsung officially (definitely a rumor as of now) stated that, it is working with the Samsung Z3 Smartphone and the same will be released in the 2nd half of 2015. It is very interesting that, Samsung skipped the Z2 version of the Tizen mobile. Also, the rumor claims that, the upcoming Samsung Z3 mobile will be boasted with powerful features than the first iteration of the Z series mobiles. Let us see the rumored specifications offered by the mobile in the following lines.

Samsung to Release Tizen OS Based Samsung Z3 Smartphone

Samsung Z3 Smartphone based on Tizen OS

Key Features of Samsung Z3 Smartphone 2015:

  • 5 inches HD Display
  • 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 SoC
  • 1GB RAM & 8GB Internal Memory
  • 5MP Rear Camera & 2MP Selfie Snapper
  • Runs on Tizen Operating System (version not clear)
  • 2000mAh Powerful Battery

According to the rumor claimed, the Samsung Z3 will really be powered by the Tizen operating system in the software section. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned about the version which it will be built with. If the same comes true, we will give you the real time notification about the same.

Comparatively, the hardware features claimed by the rumor are really higher and effective than the ancestors. The camera of the mobile is featured with 5MP at the rear followed by 2MP at the Selfie snapper. The rear camera is enabled with LED flash for the darker areas. The rear camera is enabled with the option of capturing the full HD video whiles the front snapper is featured with HD video recording option.

The processor of the Samsung Z3 is enabled with 64bit technology and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset. It is an Octa Core CPU and hence you will get faster response to your operations to the mobile phone. The built in 1GB RAM provides better mode of multitasking. Also, the 8GB internal memory provides useful room to your basic requirements for carrying your files. The accelerometer and proximity are the few sensors implemented with the mobile.

The removable battery of 2000mAh will give you the best way of handling your Smartphone throughout the day.




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