Samsung Galaxy S7 Documents Leak Hint Testing with Snapdragon & Android M

Galaxy S7 rumors

Galaxy S7 rumors

Samsung is looking at the next big thing with its Samsung Galaxy S7 expected in 2016. With some information leaked regarding Samsung documents, it reveals that Samsung is testing the version of the Galaxy S7  that is said to be running on Snapdragon 820. Though the earlier Samsung Galaxy S6 came out with its own chipset, because Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 had some major heating problems.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Could be Using Agile Methodology

Despite the lack of any exciting leaks, Samsung could be looking to revamp the development process entirely, having reportedly ditched its old ‘Waterfall’ method and switched to the apparently more productive, ‘Agile’ system. Put simply, this could shave up to two months off the length of time it would take to develop the Samsung Galaxy S7, paving the way for a much earlier market release.
The Agile method divides the various aspects of development up into little chunks, each of which are then completed at light speed. Once a module is completed, it is subsequently tested, and not only is it a quicker overall process, but changes can be made a lot more easily. The Waterfall method, conversely, leaves much less margin for error, since it pertains to a rigid system that once a certain stage is complete, turning back to make changes is difficult-to-impossible. This has been codenamed “Jungfrau” . If Samsung is rolling with Agile as is being reported by AsiaToday, it’s reasonable to suggest that the S7’s launch could be brought forward.

Turing to the leaked Samsung docs, it is up with the Android M upgrade schedule. It is also clearly evident with the Jungfrau used with the “hero” device notation.  In a gist Samsun could be testing Galaxy S7  with the new Exynos. Also the upcoming Snapdragon scorcher, while the Android M update work has obviously been greenlit, too, so we might indeed witness a sped-up development scenario for Samsung’s next flagship.

Check out the leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 documents here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 | Expected Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

In the passed year 2014, Samsung got lots of patents for the new microchips that would be part of future generation Samsung devices out of which one is already announced LDDR4 8GB memory modules which would correspond to the 4GB RAM. And now next level LDDR4 memory chips are being created at lower nano scale, this mean within few months Samsung would develop the 6GB RAM module. And guess what, it would be powering the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs for sure. And the Galaxy S7 feature won’t end here at the more memory; the more processing would also be the red feature of Samsung S7. Already, we have a rumor for Note 5 that it would be first to have the Exynos 7X range chipset from Samsung that carries 8-Core in the configuration of little.Big.BIGGER HMP cyclone technology.

If you don’t know about the cyclone HMP technology, the same tech was used in the latest Apple iPhone chipset. The story of Samsung’s powerful chip is extended by the news that it would be supporting the 6 instructions per cycle, which would make the performance of Galaxy S7 two times faster than that of 3-instruction 64-bit processor of Galaxy S6. (yet to be revealed)

Every year Smartphone is taking a good shape in terms of technology or design, and Samsung is the display manufacturing giant and innovation in the Galaxy S7 display is of course expected. The flexible display rumours are rolling with the every launch in the Galaxy S series device, but who knows if Samsung Galaxy S7 display would be flexible. If not then one thing is sure; the 4K-resolution display would definitely be the part of the Samsung S7 display configuration.

For smartphone industry, the battery life is always a challenge and slowly the revolution is coming to this part of the phone too, for example the fast charge technique. But the users are still not very convinced. For your information, Samsung is testing such technique in the secret technology mines of Korea. And Galaxy S7 battery would of course the most revolutionary with its surprising quantity and ultimate fast charging technique.

  • Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE
  • 4K resolution amazing display or foldable display
  • 4GB RAM for blazing and flawless experience
  • 20 MP front camera sensor with rotatory system
  • Very advanced Touch ID button and retina scan
  • Ultimate charging time with fast charging technology

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S7

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