Micromax launches its Joy X1800 and Joy X1850 feature phones in Pouch Packaging

Micromax ‘Joy’ series feature phones

Micromax ‘Joy’ series feature phones

Micromax launched on Friday its new line of feature phones dubbed “Joy” in a new packaging style. With smartphones doing their rounds in the industry, Micromax has come out with innovative and budget friendly feature phones to satisfy peoples telephony needs. The Micromax Joy X-1800 and Joy X1850 are the two new chic looking feature phones revealed by the company under its new ‘Joy’ series.

The Micromax Joy X-1800 priced at Rs 699 already hit the shelves last Thursday while the Joy X1850 priced Rs 749 is to reach the market sometime next week. And something more interesting done by the company with these features phones is the way they come packed. Leaving behind the traditional box packaging, Micromax has taken up a unique pouch packaging style for these phones which resemble the candy packs. The company has done this to add some flavor to these phones and also to reduce cost and to add value for money.

Micromax's new packaging style

Micromax’s new packaging style

The Micromax Joy X-1800:

Micromax Joy X-1800

Micromax Joy X-1800

This being a feature phone measures 105x44x14.7mm and supports dual-SIM besides being durable body featured. It comes with a 1.7-inch colored QQVGA TFT display with 128×160 pixels resolution. There is a rear camera of 0.08-megapixel. With expandable storage of 4GB the handset gets a 750mAh battery that is said to give up to 3 hours of talktime and up to 235 hours of standby time. The feature phone is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with FM radio connectivity.

The Micromax Joy X-1850:

Micromax Joy X-1850

Micromax Joy X-1850

This also being a dual-SIM phone features specifications similar to that of the Joy X1800 except for a slight different look and being packed up with 1800mAh battery that is to deliver up to 7.5 hours of talk time and up to 642 hours of standby time. This handset that too comes with a 1.77-inch colored screen also is Bluetooth-enabled with FM radio connectivity.

So both the feature phones have their highlight as their Bluetooth support while nothing much can be expected with their 0.08MP cameras, imaging-wise. And of course, flashlight that is considered essential comes along with both the devices.

Both the Micromax Joy X series feature phones  are Bluetooth-enabled

Both the Micromax Joy X series feature phones are Bluetooth-enabled

During the launch, Micromax Informatics Limited CEO Vineet Taneja commented stating that the company introduces products to offer its customers great value. He was specific that with the launch of these Joy series Micromax has yet again proved to be innovative in its way of packaging and to give great value in its offerings.

Micromax recently has launched number of feature phones under its X-series and some under its C-series.

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