List of Top Trending Smartphones of the Last Week April 2015


The competition among the Smartphone makers just grows within a day or a week and our trending Smartphones are one among the best example for the same. The trend changes accordingly and people start to shift to the betterment, with respect to the features followed the cost of the product indeed. Here, we have come up with the several trending Smartphones of the last week of the April 2015 and yes, Samsung continues to dominate the world followed by several shifts from the rest players and their position from the last week. In the introduction of Asus Zenfone 2 as claimed certain dramatic changes in the trending Smartphones chart accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy S6:

Yes, it’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and not its edge version. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the leader of the trending Smartphones of this week. The gorgeously powerful features followed by an impressive performance boosted them to achieve this spot in the chart. The removable battery followed by water & dust resistance capacity adds the traditional value to the Smartphone, whereas the Zero plastic adds the distinctive quality of the mobile for sure. The inclusion of Super AMOLED gives the perfect match to the competition and even the same wins wisely.

Asus Zenfone 2: ZE551ML

Top 10 Trending Smartphones of the Last Week April 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 Smartphone UK

Even before the release of the Asus Zenfone it arrived in the list of trending Smartphones of the world gently. The story was predominantly excellent right after the launch. Hope you this is the World’s First Smartphone to have 4GB RAM built in and we give the imagination of multitasking is up to your limits. Also, as Asus is receiving tremendous response to this flagship mobile, Asus launched a perfect game plan of selling over 30 million Smartphones by this year. The inclusion of Intel Atom Z350 Chip with a 1.8GHz quad core processor matches the performances of several low end laptop computers indeed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Yes, its edge is in now! Hope you know this Smartphone has the top position in the previous weeks trending Smartphones list and after the release of Asus Zenfone 2 in the UK, the chart changed shrewdly. This is especially because, the curved edge screen is the only major distinctions compared with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Perhaps, the S6 Edge is designed for the elegance, the same goes in vain in terms of high risk of physical damage to the screen. Though peoples are rich enough to buy the trending Smartphones, they are in need of protection too.

Top 10 Trending Smartphones of the Last Week April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime:

Yet, Samsung has its dominance in the trending Smartphones chart! Being an ordinary mid range Smartphone, this Samsung Galaxy Grand prime continues to trend among the loyal lovers of Samsung and it still has the spot because of its affordability (not exactly, but compared to rest Samsung mobiles, right!) in the market. The implementation of several imperial hardware features including the 64bit processor and 8/5MP Rear and Selfie camera respectively earned them better response among the competitors. Perhaps, still the display has very average quality, TFT but with qHD resolution followed by 220ppi for brighter vision.

Sony Xperia Z4:

This particular Smartphone has several leaks over the internet about the features, hardware stuffs, images and even the flagship rumor too. Though Sony hasn’t officially declared this Sony Xperia Z4 has their flagship mobile, most of the techies claim that this could be the flagship mobile as there are no current projects undergone with the Sony in the Smartphone sector. The Triluminos display, X-Reality Engine and Shatter proof glass has the trending value to the Sony maker followed by excellent implementation of technology to a rumored Sony flagship mobile. Expect the combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Chip, 3GB RAM, 32/64 GB ROM, 21MP Rear and 5.1MP Selfie gives you better assistance in all your requirements in real time.

Apple iPhone 6:

Though Apple doesn’t work with any Smartphones for the future (may be not disclosed), the duo Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is the only latest devices in the market from Apple. Though the competition to the Apple iPhones are pretty less and only few flagship devices from Sony, Samsung and recently launched Asus has the better race. Being no non-removable battery, pricey memory upgrades and No 4K video supports, this mobile has satisfied the users with its excellent user interfaces and better responses to the needs. Let’s wait for the September, as Apple traditionally launches their latest project over this month!

Lenovo A7000:

Top 10 Trending Smartphones of the Last Week April 2015

Newly Launched Lenovo A7000 Smartphone 2015

Lenovo A7000, the first Chinese Smartphone to grab the spot in the list of trending Smartphones of the week. Announced at the Mobile World Congress, a few weeks back and bag now in the market. Yes, the Lenovo has a certain remarkable appearance in the market right after the launch of Lenovo A6000, the most affordable 4G Smartphone. They keep the momentum up and high with the announcement of the Lenovo A7000 and yes reached the level of target through unveiling the same. Interestingly, a few days back, Lenovo launched their A6000plus, which has the excellent performance between the Lenovo A6000 and A7000 Scores.

Samsung Galaxy A5:

Though Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphone hasn’t unveiled in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015, has captured better response after the MWC 2015. The better screen, better budget, premium build quality makes them shine over the rest competitors.

Xiaomi Mi4:

Top 10 Trending Smartphones of the Last Week April 2015

Features of Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone 2015

Another Chinese Smartphone maker in our trending Smartphones list, yes, its Xiaomi Mi4. The buzz around the Smartphone continues as it set to launch by tomorrow, i.e. on 30th April 2015. The inclusion of LTE, 5.0 inches IPS LCD, 2.8GHz Octa Core CPU and Android Lollipop OS makes the mobile incredibly smart at decent pricing. The 2GB RAM and 13MP/5MP Rear and Selfie camera respectively, provides the best real time  requirements.

Samsung Galaxy S5:

The rise and fall of the trending Smartphones of the week continues with Samsung Smartphones for sure. The last trending Smartphones of the current week, ends with Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile. The new finish of the mobile makes them feel better than Galaxy Grand 3 indeed. Especially because, it has the capacity of recording 4K videos followed by giant capacity & a worthy removable battery.

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