Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK Smartphone Launched


Every Smartphone makers in these days are really doing the practice of launching the limited edition devices of their special or flagship mobiles. Definitely, the HTC Smartphone maker also comes under the same tag. Hope you know about the Vanilla (flavored Color) edition Smartphone on HTC One M9 are available for sale in the market. Though this mobile doesn’t earn a decent response comparing the company’s record, HTC has unveiled another limited edition mobile in the sector. As of the progressing year 2015, HTC launched several limited edition mobiles in the industry and a couple of them come under the mobile, i.e. HTC One M9 indeed.

HTC One M9 INK Smartphone Unveiled:

Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK Smartphone Launched

HTC one m9 ink Smartphone outlook

Most of us remember the HTC’s recently released 24 carat gold limited edition mobile, which comes in the celebrations of UEFA Champions League Football tournament. Today, we are experiencing another attractive limited edition HTC One M9 INK mobile, which is exclusively designed for art lovers. Interestingly, the official statement offered by HTC about the special edition HTC One M9 INK mobile is designed with the inspiration of body art.

HTC One M9 INK Inspired Design of Body Art:

The famous British tattooist Cally-Jo and fashion model Jourdan Dunn are the key inspiration for this HTC One M9 INK mobile. Yes, the design and back cover body art is originally pierced by the combination of the above said peoples. The proportionality of the fame divides as follows. Accordingly, the design of the mobiles is created by Cally-Jo, whilst the promotion of the same is handled by Jourdon Dunn indeed.

Symbolized Meaning of the Tattoo on HTC One M9 INK Mobile:

Hope you know, each tattoo represents some sort of symbols on it. Certainly, every symbol has their respective meaning categorically. Let us see the complete meaning analyzed with the HTC One M9 INK Smartphone in the following lines.

The mobiles back case tattoo consists of Eye, Hand, Leaves and Sun & Moon.

Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK Smartphone Launched

Design and Meaning of HTC One M9 Ink Mobile 2015

  • Eye à The representation of strength & sincerity of the mobile
  • Hand à It represents the protection and positivity offered with the Smartphone.
  • Leaves à It denotes the mobiles blossom of creativity and
  • Sun & Moon à It gives the meaning of balance and harmony of the Smartphone emphatically.

Hope you understand the complete meaning and seamless message offered with the tattoo (pierced on) HTC One M9 INK mobile.

Pricing of HTC One M9 INK Smartphone 2015:

Regrettably, the pricing of this special edition HTC One M9 INK phone doesn’t labeled with it. Perhaps, the mobile is made official and most of the specs remained changeless but the case cover. Also, the availability of the Smartphone is also unclear to the world, i.e. it may be restricted to go sale only in the UK. This is especially confirmed because; only the official link of HTC UK defines this information.

Register Online to Buy the Limited Edition Mobile:

Only the registered Smartphone lovers can make the most of the opportunity to buy the limited edition HTC One M9 INK mobile.

Official Link to Register for HTC One M9 INK Purchase

Bottom Line:

This pretty new move from HTC certainly expected to make some revolution in the limited edition devices. Also, the smart and pretty aesthetic designs by the combination of the two ladies are anticipated to bring some real time artistic visual on your Smartphones. Let us wait & watch the game in action. Stay amazed!




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