F-Secure Mobile Security Application

F-Secure Mobile Security Application

F-Secure Mobile Security Application

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F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Overview:

(video by F-Secure)

F-Secure Mobile Security is the best antivirus for mobile products because of its performance, usability and feature set. In terms of performance, it nips at the heels of the best competitors and with its usability and feature set, it is among the winners.

As most of the competitors is pushed for independent test labs, F-Secure Mobile Security also has the courage and confidence to participate in AV Comparatives and AV Test testings. Test results from AV Comparatives conducted at August 2013 test results and AV Test at March 2014 shows that the F-Secure mobile security’s cell phone virus protection is having very good malware detection rates and the security software is all about risk mitigation and not risk eradication.

Mobile antivirus software is expected with features like:

  • Antimalware
  • Antiphishing
  • Anti-theft.
F-Secure Mobile Security Application Complete Protection

F-Secure Mobile Security Application’s Anti-theft Feature

F-Secure Mobile Security Application comes with powerful anti-theft features. If one has access to another cell phone and when on sending a message to other phone that had squawk as an alarm which help to remember where it actually being left it. Apart from this, one can locate the phone on a map, lock it or wipe its contents.

Though there are competitors that lacks call blocking and message filtering in their products, F-Secure Mobile Security includes these antispam features and also incorporates parental control features so that one can control or watch the children’s activity on the phone. It does not support backup utilities or encryption.

AV Test done testing on March 2014 checked F-Secure’s effect on the smartphones and reported that F-Secure Mobile Security did not slow down devices or drain batteries and when on checking the aspect of usability whether the app gets confused into sending false warnings about perfectly legitimate apps, F-Secure Mobile Security gave no false warning even though more than a thousand legitimate apps were installed.

Everyday life consists of a lot of things to be done online, not only at home, but anywhere we go. More and more, smartphones and tablets are the key to all that we do and share online and security over them is now just as important as security at home.

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Overview (Visual):

(Video by Soft112 Official YouTube Channel)

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Anti-theft (Visual):

(Video by FSecureCustomerCare)

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Highlights:

  • Award-winning
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Anti-theft
  • Act as Central
  • A true security solution

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Technical Details:

  • Contains remote lock, wipe and device locate functions
  • Operates invisibly and smoothly in the background
  • Attempt taken not to slow down the mobile device
  • Its browsing protection ensures safe internet browsing
  • Holds Anti-theft that safeguards one’s confidential data
  • Brings a protection against viruses, spyware and other mobile malwares
  • Makes a way for Banking protection and application control

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Complete Security Suite:

F-Secure Mobile Security Application’s complete security suite for the smartphone or tablet protects it against:

  • All common online threats
  • Makes mobile browsing safe
  • Very easy to install
  • Does not slow down device
  • Comes with online chat or phone support. 

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Protects Personal Content:

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Complete Protection

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Complete Protection

F-Secure Mobile Security Application protects personal content on the smartphone or tablet by:

  • Enabling safe browsing, banking and shopping online
  • Safeguards one’s identity online
  • Protects children from unmatched web content and applications
  • Prevents the data from getting into the wrong hands in case if the device is lost or stolen
  • Helps to locate a missing device
  • Prevents unnecessary calls and SMS/MMS messages
  • Protects against risk apps, viruses and other malware online chat or phone support.

F-Secure Mobile Security Application effectively protects the mobile devices from all common threats. It guards against loss and theft, protects the children with powerful parental control functions, keeps the device free of malware and lets to browse the web safely.

F-Secure Key – Secure Password Manager:

F-Secure Key

F-Secure Key

F-Secure Key is the personal assistant needed for one’s login. F-Secure Key safely stores the passwords, user names and other credentials so that one can access them wherever they are through with one master password. Through F-Secure key, our personal data is strongly encrypted in-order to keep it safe and all F-Secure Key servers are owned and operated by F-Secure within the European Union.

F-Secure Key automatically fills the user name and password fields and makes easy and secure access to online services. Whenever a new account is created for an online service, F-Secure Key brings out a password that is both safe and unique.
To underline F-Secure’s experience and expertise as an internationally recognized security solution which protects millions of mobile and computer users every day, F-Secure Key also features a news feed to keep updated about the major hacking incidents that target popular online services and might compromise one’s safety by making encryption.

F-Secure Key – Features:

  • Secure and gives easy access to user names, passwords and other credentials on the devices through password manager
  • Comes with automated log-in
  • Consists of Secure password generator
  • Generates News feed to keep updated of major hacking incidents on the web
  • Includes Strong encryption to protect the data
  • Contains fast, automatic data synchronization across all the devices
  • Holds intuitive and fast search to find the credentials when needed
  • Operates on all the devices and on iOS, it is under-process.

F-Secure Key – How to use it? (Visual):

(Video by FSecureCustomerCare)

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Documentation:

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Download:

F-Secure Mobile Security Application – Other Pics:

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Scanning Process

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Scanning Process

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Setting

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Setting

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Scan Results

F-Secure Mobile Security Application Scan Results

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