ESET Mobile Security Application

ESET Mobile Security Application

ESET Mobile Security Application

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ESET – Overview:

ESET as a popular security software brand launches ESET mobile security application for android which is considered as the one of the best mobile antivirus apps. It has great ability to safeguard against malware and phishing and ESET mobile security application is neatly designed, not slows down the phones or drain batteries and it has useful and extensive feature sets, so there is no need for parental controls or backup utilities.
AV test results reveals, when 2,266 wild mobile virus samples released on ESET, each app updates itself and the average protection success for all competitors was found to be 95.3 percent and every malware pieces was detected .
Additionally from malware protection, ESET mobile security application supports safe browsing so that landing on a malicious website is prevented or to phish for personal data is avoided and unwanted sources from emailing or messaging can be eliminated by blocking them.

In the mobile phones, biggest security risks is losing their physical control of the device. ESET mobile security application offers anti-theft features to track the location on a map, to receive snapshots from the front and rear cameras and to lock or wipe the device. If the phone is misplaced somewhere, the location of the phone can be triggered remotely by a loud sound so that it be retrieved.
Additionally, during the AV test that is conducted to measure protection reveals that the ESET mobile security application do not neither drains the battery nor slows the device. When installing more than a thousand legitimate applications from the Google Play Store as well as third-party app stores, ESET mobile security application never gave a false warning which was found in some of its competitors.

ESET – Overview (Visual):

(Video by ESET)

ESET – Description:

ESET Mobile Security provides a veritable boatload of protection features.

ESET Mobile Security provides a variety of protection features

As android is based on linux and more to a open system than iOS, it is more vulnerable to malware even though the attacks are not all common. For this purpose, ESET mobile security provides a variety of protection features as it is one of the top-rated android anti-malware applications. With the AV-TEST’s measurements, it detected 100 percent of representative set of malware apps which other anti-malware applications can’t achieve.
It is loaded with the necessary mobile security features. Apart from the normal active and passive scanning, ESET web portal access can be done to lock down the phone or wipe the memory if it’s lost or stolen and manage through via text messages. Such required details of info like GPS, IP address and some more details adds up like a hint to recover the lost or stolen phone. The access is password controlled and the portal also features a social media scanner that watches for evil things posted by bad people on social media sites like facebook and twitter accounts.

Eset's application audit shows you concisely which apps are communicating with the outside world and what info they're sharing.

ESET’s application audit shows which apps are communicating with the outside world and what info they’re sharing

ESET mobile security application’s another important feature is a device audit that shows which apps are allowing what kind of access to the device and an SMS filter blocks the unknown users from texting. ESET mobile security application consists of a separate lists for the anti-theft features so that anyone can’t trash the phone via texting and it also provides a phishing filter that protects against websites and this worked well with the Google Chrome.

ESET – Description (Visual):

(video by ESET Middle East)                                                                                                                                                  top

ESET – Features:

  • Anti-Phishing Feature
  • Apps Permissions
  • Scheduled Scan Feature
  • Quarantine Feature

ESET – Technical Details:

General Features
Brand ESET
Software Type
Security Software
Security Type
Mobile Security
Security Features
Antivirus Protection
Malware Protection
System Monitor
System Requirements
Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 or 2 (Nokia only), Symbian S60 5th Edition (Nokia only), Android 2.0 and higher, Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5, Symbian 3 (Nokia only)
Android 2.3 and higher
Device: RAM 256+ MB
Memory: 12+ MB
Touch screen – minimum 240x320px
Processor: 500+ MHz ARM7+
Processor: 500+ MHz ARM7+
Internet connection
Internal storage 20 MB+

ESET – Security Audit:

As many security applications consists of a tool that reviews what permissions the apps can access and alerts to potentially unsafe settings on the device, in the same way ESET mobile security application has followed the same style called as Security Audit.
With this security audit feature, ESET mobile security application can alert the apps that access the personal info such as address book or location and also review the apps.
ESET mobile security application also contains another important feature Device Monitoring tool that keeps an eye on things like memory usage even though the Wi-Fi network is connected securely or not.                         top

ESET – Phishing Protection:

As the phishing sites are designed to give up the personal information, they can create more issues on the desktop computers and also be spreaded to mobile devices via SMS messages. If enabled, ESET mobile security application’s phishing protection blocks any URL that are dangerous and avoids being scammed.                  top

ESET – Call and SMS Blocking:

As most of the mobile security companies are coming up with the SMS and call blocking tools to their applications that protects it from spam, scams, and malware which may be spread via SMS.
ESET mobile security application’s blocking tool consists of straightforward interface that allows to create rules to let or block specific callers or whole groups as instructed by address book. The applications rules are also fairly fine-grained that lets the user to chose what to allow, what to block and when to block with the SMS, media messages, outgoing calls and incoming calls. For ex, Add an entire group of coworkers to a block list that kicks in after work hours. A busy signal will be given to the blocked callers without the option to have a voicemail and all of the blocked correspondence including the full text of messages will be saved in a log for review.                top

ESET – Anti-theft and SIM Protection:

ESET mobile security application’s anti-theft tools are entirely different from other android mobile security applications. It’s Google’s Android Device Manager offers a web portal for enabling the anti-theft features remotely and on the other hand, it entirely holds the mobile view that meant, instead of a going for a website, special SMS commands are send to remotely control the device whereas in the other security apps SMS controls is included as an extra option while it is the only option in ESET mobile security application.

It consists of four commands:

  • Remote lock
  • Scream
  • Locate
  • Wipe.

It functions as expected and when the device is locked, enter the ESET password to unlock and use it. Even-though many other security apps lets to the task manager, notification tray,and homescreen even when locked but ESET mobile security application keeps all of these inaccessible when locked. ESET’s scream command locks the phone and sounds very loud alarm that used it to frighten the thieves or to find it in a grimy room.                             top

ESET – Documentation:

ESET – Download:

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