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Bitdefender – Overview:

(video by bitdefender) 

Bitdefender Android Mobile Security Application is antivirus software for mobiles that came from an internet security company which won the security tests with its Windows versions. The two tests that conducted at two respected independent product testing labs, Bitdefender’s virus protection scored highly where its usability and ability to detect threats are measured and proved that it can prevent the mobiles from malice. It comes with strong feature lists. That includes the ability to perform a remote wipe which meant that the user can clear all the data that is stored on the phone from a remote location using a web-based account and clear all the existing contacts, emails, photos, text or media messages and other important docs that are stored on the device. This feature is very perfect when the phone is lost or stolen that paves a way for clearing all the information to make sure that none of it caught in the wrong hands.
Bitdefender mobile security application comes with the another feature called as Parental control that lets to keep an eye on the kids and their internet activity on their smartphone along with their phone call history. The user also monitor the text messages that being sent to and from the cell phone.
Bitdefender mobile security application allows to run a scan to check for any malware located on the device and also it scans to checks the entire device, the internal memory or the memory card. If any infected files are found, this mobile security software acts quickly to clear the files and protect the device.
Bitdefender mobile security application can be directly installed to the user mobile or through the computer. To use a computer, download the software and sync the smartphone to the PC. 

Bitdefender – Overview (Visual):

(video by Soft112 Official YouTube Channel)                                                                                                                               top

Bitdefender – Features:


Bitdefender Android Mobile Security Application Features

  • App LockNew
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Malware Scanner
  • Web Security
  • Anti-Theft
  • Protective against viruses and spyware
  • Provides advance warning of risky website
  • SUPC: SDL058622607
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Exploit Defense
  • Self-Learning Shield
  • Privacy Protection
  • Safe Banking
  • Device Anti-Theft
  • Two-Way Firewall
  • Fast Tune-Up                                                                                                                         top

Bitdefender – Technical Details:

Brief Technical Specs
BRAND Bitdefender
VERSION 2.6, 2013
MODEL ID Android Mobile Security
WARRANTY PERIOD 1 Year Subscription
OS Android 2.0.1 or newer
SYSTEM REQ. Active Internet connection

Bitdefender – Anti-Malware and Threat Detection:

Most possibly, most of the users comes to Bitdefender for malware protection because of its strong pedigree and the AV-Test’s February 2014 report that detected 100% of the malware samples that caught in their tests.
Bitdefender’s on-demand scanning was found to be so fast and during scaning, Bitdefender extracts information from only the files that harms the device such as APKs, apps, and others and then accomplish the analysis on the cloud.
Bitdefender gives constant protection by scanning apps when downloaded or updated and by scanning the entire device would be connected to another computer. This type of approach delivers lickety-split scans and protection only when needed.
Bitdefender also scans the device when it’s connected to the Internet. Though this lack of control might be weaken to power users but whatever that takes for the security decision-making, it seems a good thing. When a malware is found, it is impossible for it to get into an Internet connection. Bitdefender took averagely only 5.6 seconds to perform a full scan that includes apps and files that was actually much faster than the other security apps and its performance was twice as fast.                                                                                                          top

Bitdefender – Performance Effect:

Make Bitdefender always in running mode to get the continuous protection for the device. Though this may have a little impact on the basic function of the Android, rebooting with Bitdefender installed covers 28.5 seconds averagely and the AV-Test confirmed that Bitdefender doesn’t give any impact on the battery life.
Bitdefender scans are so fast when compared with the Minecraft—Pocket Edition and the Usemon application also stated that there was no noteable change in CPU or RAM usage while it scanned.

Bitdefender – Privacy Advisor:

As most of the android users only concentrates the apps at face value but not aware of that those apps will be the leakage for the personal information that uses:

  • Aggressive advertising tactics
  • Tracking and divulging the location
  • Money Cost and so on….
    Though these apps are not really evil in order to hidden app behavior and to give you the greater visibility, Bitdefender comes with Clueful Privacy Advisor along with their security appplication that consists of the features such as:
  • Easy to Use
  • Hard to Master
  • A Dedicated Tool                                                                                                                          top

Bitdefender – Theft Prevention:

As the theft prevention is the most important part of a mobile security application, the mobile security tools nowadays comes with applicable individual on/off toggles and expandable sections that explain s the function of each tool.

Bitdefender Location Section

When the location area is taken for example, it shows the device’s location on a live map and the app consists of numerous links that leads to the Web portal that manages the anti-theft tools and cheers the new comers to get with the features before getting into an emergency situation. Bitdefender lets to use the Google credentials inspite of having a separate account to activate the application’s anti-theft features. Bitdefender will be asking for a activated phone number for receiving SMS alerts for notifying the anti-theft features. Though it is optional it is better to have for the users.
Bitdefender provides:

  • Device location
  • Remotely triggered alarm
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Messaging options.

Bitdefender’s location service displayed Google Maps map within a reasonable margin of error. When the phone is remotely locked by using the Bitdefender website, a new passcode with the minimum four digits to deactivate the lockscreen need to be created. Bitdefender comes with the  stock Android lockscreen that meant the custom messages can’t be send to the device once it has been locked but moreover it  comes with the advantage of completely locking the device even to the person who already knows the  device’s original passcode whereas this appreciated feature is not found in other security applications that even allows to access the notification tray, the list of running apps and the homescreen too when “locked.”Bitdefender also protects the SIM card and If the SIM is been replaced Bitdefender will send a warning SMS to the trusted phone number. By default, this feature is on and can’t be disabled but it it won’t lock the device automatically like ESET mobile security application does. This warning is not applicable, if the phone is in airplane mode or without a SIM.
As most of the mobile security application’s gives only some tiny news about what information need to be follow during a remote wipe but Bitdefender comes with the nuclear option of triggering a factory reset of the device. Once this feature is reset in the device, the user can’t be able to communicate with it through Bitdefender or even to the Google’s Android Device Manager as it prevents the information from falling into the wrong hands.      top

Bitdefender – How to use? (Visual):

(video by pal kenny)                                                                                                                                                                 top

Bitdefender – Download:

Bitdefender – Toolbox:

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