AVAST Mobile Security Application

AVAST Mobile Security Application

AVAST Mobile Security Application

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AVAST Mobile Security Application – Overview:

AVAST is a company that most of them do not heard but fewer people use it. It has now reached a reputation as a good antivirus software and available as an app for the android mobiles. It does doing better as an android app than it is on any other operating system and consists of wonderful automatic phone lock, SMS wipe function, GPS tracking and siren warnings. These features comes as an extra from the antivirus functions that it provides.

Though Avast may not be well known in the United States but its mobile security for android application provides more customization, control and transparency than most of the competitors and though some of the users may find the application’s countless options overwhelming but Avast’s comprehensive mobile security application is unparalleled when it comes to features.

AVAST Mobile Security Application – Overview (Visual):

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AVAST Mobile Security Application – Setup and Interface:

Installing Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is easy and it can be installed via the Google Play store by running through a quick tutorial.

AVAST Mobile Security Application - Setup

AVAST Mobile Security Application – Setup

Avast Mobile Security set-up can be activated either through stay free or upgrade to premium options. “Already have a license” option is available under the upgrade to premium option which can be used to reactivate the premium account which also a much smoother re-activation process than found with the rival applications and to get Avast mobile security application’s full security and privacy offerings, Avast Anti-Theft and Avast Mobile Backup & Restore should be installed. Both of these applications can be also found out in the Google Play app store and the main Avast application can be done through the installation and even though the process is straightforward but it does make for a much lengthier setup when compared with the other applications.
After the installation set up over, the application will ask for a set up a PIN of 4 to 6 digits which can unlock Avast or the entire phone and gives the ability to send commands to the application through the SMS.

AVAST Mobile Security Application -Premium Option

AVAST Mobile Security Application -Premium Option

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus home screen consists of a simple list of features:

  • Virus Scanner
  • Anti-Theft
  • Backup
  • Application Locking
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Application Management
  • SMS
  • Call Filter
  • Firewall.

By pressing the menu button on the mobile gives the updates, PINs can be changed and other settings such as exporting the app’s activity log can be adjusted. Though some of the android phones lacks a physical menu button but Avast mobile security comes with onscreen icon in the upper left-hand corner that brings up the features like:

  • Settings menu
  • Web Shield
  • App Shield
  • Message Shield.
    Web Shield feature is considered as an important feature of most mobile security apps but wrinkled in the home screen and Avast’s interface is well organized that delivers a ton of information in an intuitive and manageable way.

AVAST Mobile Security Application – Performance:

Avast mobile security application scans mobile malware by using the Virus Scanner. By using the virus scanner, Scan apps, Scan storage and tap Scan can be checked and the automatic Scan make schedules for the daily scan basis or weekly scan basis.
Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus 3.0 app which is considered as the most recent build gives 98.7 percent accurate in German lab AV-Test’s malware-detection test, and provides 2,191 pieces of malware findings that involved in the test. Though it is better than the AV-Test’s industry average of 96 percent but the rival security apps from Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee had perfect malware-detection scores.

AVAST Mobile Security App – Anti-theft and Data Protection:

AVAST Mobile Security Application - Anti-theft

AVAST Mobile Security Application – Anti-theft

For a security application, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus’ anti-theft and mobile-backup features are to be set-up and installed separately. Once Avast Anti-Theft and Avast Mobile Backup & Restore are set up, both of them switched to “stealth mode” and are accessible only from the main Avast application.
On tapping the anti-theft or backup from Avast mobile security’s home screen, the program will take through the installation of the auxiliary apps and the advanced installation mode lets the users install anti-theft as a rooted application which is a separate process for technically skilled android users that provides to gain additional features.
Once the anti-theft application is installed, the application would ask to register a mobile phone number and this mobile number should be a different number from that of the device. After that, Avast’s anti-theft features cane be activated from the registered number by texting the Avast PIN and a command to the device and those SMS messages will not be visible from the device’s default messaging application.

Avast mobile security application comes with all the typical anti-theft features like:

  • GPS locating,
  • remote data wipe,
  • remote alarm,
  • remote lock.
AVAST Mobile Security Application - Web Portal

AVAST Mobile Security Application – Web Portal

Apart from this, Avast mobile security provides a few more locking options and by using this, one can lock the device’s settings menu or lock its program manager access so that the thief can’t install any new apps and the user can lock the entire device. As the application secretly takes photos and there is a need to activate that feature in the advanced-settings menu of Avast’s anti-theft application. For ex, through the Avast website,if a command is send immediately take a picture by using either of the device’s cameras or set the phone to take a picture after a certain number of failed unlock attempts, the app will take a photo using the front-facing camera and if it detects a face within a minute, the device’s screen will be turned on. By using the Avast mobile security application, the phone can be set up automatically to take a photo when someone tries and fails to unlock the phone and the photos are accessible under the commands tab in the web portal.

Avast mobile security application’s unique feature “Geo-fencing” insists that if the device leaves a designated area and when arrived at a location where the Geo-fencing feature is activated from the app’s anti-theft menu and when the device moves a given distance away before Geo-fencing feature is disabled then the device will be marked as lost.
Avast mobile security application’s backup feature resembles its anti-theft feature in which Avast Mobile Backup & Restore application needed to be installed first, should agree to another EULA and privacy policy and then opt to give the application permission to access the Google Drive account.

Avast mobile security stores:

  • Backed-up contacts
  • Call logs
  • SMS messages
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Videos and apps on cloud-storage service which is accessible from the Web portal.
    The application lets to take back up data only over Wi-Fi so that the mobile-data charges can be avoided and also file-upload size limit can be set-up. In order to back up apps, the required phone to be rooted which meant apps will retain any data or progress that already made, for ex, scores in a mobile game.
    Avast mobile security & antivirus data-protection features consists of Application Locking that is available from the main menu and displays a list of applications installed on the device, checks the box next to an app and all the users have to enter the Avast PIN to open that application.
AVAST Mobile Security Application - PIN

AVAST Mobile Security Application – PIN

AVAST Mobile Security App – Download:

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