‘People Sense’ replacing Microsoft’s Rooms?



Just like Apple’s Find my Friends app, Microsoft is developing a location sharing app that is to be called ‘People Sense’. The application will let users to reveal their location to their chosen list of contacts.  Microsoft is said to offer ties with third party applications for commuting and navigating as well.  The application will be available for download on the Windows Store. Spanish blog Microsoft Place discovered this app under process first and reported it to the world.

A Peek into People Sense

People Sense

People Sense

A video leaked out revealing the developing stages of the ‘People Sense’. The video features basic features about the application as of now. Many other features are expected to be added before it will be made available.

The application will allow the users to select the desired group of their friends or family that will be their “trusted circles” of Microsoft.  The people under trusted circles can then view your current location. The app also goes on to provide links to your friends by messaging them or calling them from within the application itself. People Sense is currently codenamed Buddy Aware. People Sense is also expected to be generously robust. More features might be added. But from the look of the video it is sure that the application looks solid enough from the stages of development. But whether the app will be a hit among users is still not clear. With many major similar applications on Android and iPhone, it is certainly unclear at the moment.

People Sense App Screen

People Sense App Screen

Room App: The Curtains Roll Down

Microsoft will put an end to “Rooms” feature on their Windows Phone from March this year. The question is will “People Sense” be replacing the “Rooms” . Rooms application was added to Windows Phone 8 about two years ago.

March 2015 Microsoft will draw the curtains of “Rooms”  and the app will no longer be supported.

Windows Phone: Look

Windows Phone :Look

What will happen to Rooms?

If you are a user of Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 you will still be able to view your existing rooms and view your room photo albums, your calendars and notes that are on the phone. You can view your old room chats but you wont be able to send messages or receive any new messages from your old chat rooms.  In case you update to Windows 10 on your phone, the Rooms will no longer be available on your phone.  You may however be able to see your photo albums, notes and your calendar through the web or through other Windows apps on your phone.

Also remember that once you have decided to update to Windows 10 you make a copy of your chat history and retain them where ever you want to.




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