New Year 2015 Resolution Keeping Windows Phone Apps


We are all on the eve of welcoming New Year 2015. On every New Year, we will be setting ourselves with new goals in the form of resolutions categorically. The resolution might be challenging, easily achievable or even any of the long term goals indeed. In these days, everyone relies high on their Smartphone for their effective needs in terms of various utilities. There are varieties of newbie apps are on the way to keep your resolution up and high. Now we are here to explore the new world of Windows Phone Apps that will really help you to achieve your dream goals and resolutions in real time. The very first thing which you need to be realized before making the most of the following Windows Phone Apps is that, you have to upgrade the same to the Windows 8.1 Amber OS.


Setting up a goal in the New Year is not an important thing; you have to chase the same down in time. 90% of the failures in goal achievement are because of not coping up the commitments. That’s why; you have to keep your commitments stay on top. This move is effectively realized by incredible Windows Phone Apps nothing but To-Do-List for sure. This app allows you to plan your daily, weekly and monthly activities in real time manner. Getting instant and timely notification makes you to admire the goal in time. You can also share this stuff with your Skydrive on the go.

Microsoft Office:

The Microsoft Office is certainly being one among the productive Windows Phone Apps available in the Apps Store. You can’t carry on your Laptop everywhere you travel. Hence this Windows Mobile is optimized well for the same. You can simply handle your official works with the help of this powerful Smartphone. The complete Microsoft Office suit access is available for free of cost and you can edit, create and save the documents on the go. The option of automatic cloud storage sync will help you a lot in accessing your personal and official documents in any of your requested time.


Windows Phone Apps for New Year

Most of the US people’s resolution stays on self improvement or education related areas – a recent study by University of Scranton. Just in order to realize your New Year resolution of improvising your body fitness, you have to work out various activities according to the same. This Runtastic, Windows Phone Apps will definitely be handy in achieving the same. There are various new integrations applicable with this app, including the Heart Rate, overhead maps and detailed charts as well. This is also one of the prominent reasons for the Runtastic been top rated in the Apps Store.


Learning different languages might be some of the effective New Year resolutions. If that is yours, then you can also achieve the same by installing this Dualingo, among the outstanding Windows Phone Apps in your Windows Mobile. This is perfectly designed you to learn any of the leafing world familiar languages in easy and funnier manner. Some of the languages available with the Dualingo to learn are French, German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The option of incubator courses allows you learn several regional languages (Irish and Esperanto) as well.


Windows Phone Apps New Year 2015

Staying in touch with any of your lovely relationship possessed persons will also boost you to achieve your resolution. Skype one among the global free Skype video call and low international voice call (to certain mobile and landline numbers) service providing app to the Windows Phone. You definitely know, the process of texting a friend is very distinctive than seeing them in live. These (Skype) types of Windows Phone Apps really help you to stay connected with your relationships at any of your tight schedules.




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