Instagram Adds Support for Landscape and Portrait Photographs


Instagram, one of the biggest photo sharing apps, has taken a major step to lure in more users, and thereby more business. In addition to its signature square layout for pictures and videos, now instagram has added new layout potions whereby users can add and share landscape and portrait photographs through the photo sharing app. The new move is part of the company’s bid to attract more advertisers. They also intend to stop customers moving to other flexible services such as Snapchat. The move is one of the first major alterations made to the photo sharing app after it has been taken over by Facebook.



Facebook had bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6610 crores). The new move by instagram will hopefully address the wishes of many of its 300 million users. Most of the instagram users had the complaint that they have been constrained by the square format of instagram. The new move will be of benefit for both advertisers and instagram users as they now have more options. Either way, it’s of double benefit for instagram. The photo sharing app can now lure more advertisers as now people will be able to see more of their advertisements, and that would be something which advertisers are definitely going to be interested in.

The users will also benefit from the new move. Instagram themselves acknowledges through its blog post the fact that one in five photos and videos shared on the service do not fit the square format. Often in group photographs, friends get cropped off. In videos, the subject often feels cramped. These are problems which instagram users often face. The new portrait and landscape layout is now available in instagram’s web based service, and also its mobile apps running on Android and iOS. Both instagram users and paying advertisers will have the benefit of it and will have more options to choose from.



The new move will help instagram fight the tight competition which it is facing in the fast moving messaging and media sharing market. The new move makes instagram more flexible as its competitors such as Snapchat. It is also part of instagram’s strategy to bring in more advertising revenue. The company had said in June that it would open its platform to all advertisers buy the end of this year, rather than just to some select brands.

Instagram is aiming to generate nearly $600 million by the end of this year in the form of advertising revenue. According to the projections from the research firm eMarketer, the company is expected to generate $2.2 billion by the end of 2017. The figures are nowhere near in comparison to its parent company Facebook, which generated more than $12 billion in revenue in 2014. Last week facebook, the world’s most popular online social network had hit one billion users in a single day for the first time.



As part of promoting the new formats, Walt Disney Co, using the new landscape option released exclusive footage of its new upcoming film, “Star Wars, The Forces Awakens”.




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