Evernote – Endless Possibilities

Evernote  Premium

Evernote Premium

Evernote – Endless Possibilities

The Evernote App is probably one of the very few apps that you cannot genuinely get rid off – it is really addictive and really useful.

The Evernote App is owned by the Evernote Corporation, available for the following Operating Systems:

  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone OS
  • WebOS
  • Chrome OS
  • Symbian 5th Edition
  • Maemo

Evernote App – An Intro

The Evernote App first went beta in 2008, can has been continually and steadily increasing its number of users. The Evernote is a note taking app in which you can store all your notes and organize them. The notes can be in the form of images, typed and formatted text, a voice recording, a photograph, a part of a web page or even your handwritten note. All the notes can then be organized and sorted into varied needed categories. The notes can be edited, annotated, grouped into folders, exported or can be commented on too. The note search also helps in finding your notes.

The Evernote Free App is quite restrictive and lets users use the app for a certain limit every month. The paid version is readily available too. The beauty of Evernote is that it suits all types of persons and is available for almost all kinds of devices.



Exclusive Features of Evernote

  • You can use pictures, photos, audios, voice memos, scan text, attach spreadsheets, insert docs and WebPages to bring together your ideas.
  • You can share your single notes and whole notebooks with your family, friends or co workers.
  • You can set goals and project reminders to help you stay motivated and in progress.
  • The check-boxes options helps to create real to do lists that can be checked off when you are done.
  • The automatic sync implies that you will be able to access all your notes, from anywhere.
  • There is a paid version, but just the Freemium App offers all the above said features.

Some Ways Evernote can help You

  • The Evernote app can handle any types of lists so that you don’t miss anything – travel packaging lists, shopping lists, to do lists, wish lists and other similar lists.
  • If you are a blogger, you can collect lots of interesting info and store them online.
  • When you come over a new recipe or an interesting piece of article, you can save them for future inspiration.
  • You can go paperless and create eco friendly workspaces by scheduling your appointments in the app.
  • If you love planning for your future or are expecting your big wedding day, Evernote can help you store all your random ideas in one safe place.
  • You can remind yourself to pay for the gas or track your check at the right times.
  • If you are house hunting or grabbing coupons, store them in the app for the right time to use.
  • Rather than carrying a bulk of business cards in your wallets, click them and save them to Evernote with a separate tag to find them easily.
  • Got lots of medical records and prescription of your old parents? Archive them into the app for ready use anywhere and to keep track.

Get Evernote Here

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