Enjoy all the benefits of Photo Story App released by Microsoft for Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft has always been known for its new features and up gradation of its Windows version from time to time. This time also, Windows has come up with a new photo app for its Windows Phone called as the “Windows 10 mobile”. This is a newly launched mobile operating system which has all the latest features.

Photo Story is a new app released by Microsoft exclusively for its customers using Windows phone. It is a very simple app which arranges all the photos related to a particular event or function on its own. It is designed to collect the best representative photos and club them together. It also makes a themed video which features all the photos in it. Photo story is nothing but a product introduced by Microsoft Garage Project.

Microsoft Photo Story App

Microsoft Photo Story App

Photo Story is a very interesting app. It is a full-fledged app which not only creates videos, but even helps you to edit them and rearrange them as per your choice and mood. You can make a number of additions and share it with your friends and relatives using certain inbuilt tool in the app. You can also come up with a host of transition effects. All this comes under a single app, as you don’t have to download any other app to bring in such changes. If you know how to add music to the videos, you can anytime add music to it, giving it a better effect and look.

This app has been made taking a lot of time. It has certain striking features which will surely attract the user. An interesting thing to note here is how the app categorizes and merges the images. It will help you to learn a great deal. It has a certain inbuilt algorithm which helps in selecting the appropriate ones and makes an album. Microsoft says that the app makes use of machine learning to select and merge the images. However, such similar function was earlier introduced by Google in its photos section recently in May, at a certain developer’s conference.

Microsoft Photo Story App

Microsoft Photo Story App

The app is new in the market and soon it will be better with time. Customer’s feedback is going to help a lot in this line. With certain changes, this app will become better with time and you will experience more perfection when it comes to selecting and sorting pictures. Microsoft says that Photo Story’s algorithm is not focusing only on the technical quality of the images or on the weather. Similarly, it is not only concerned about the blurry images or those having the right exposure. The company has worked a lot on this and has taken many factors into consideration. It is working on the making the app as well as the selected video interesting.

A lot has been discussed on the speed of the application given out by Windows. It has quite a good speed and it does all the processing work really fast. On the device itself, it can do all the work lessening the waiting period which is normally wasted when we upload or download photos to bring them together. Photo Story is an app, given out by Microsoft, which supports voice commands via Cortana as well. For example, if you want a video of all the selected photos clicked today, you can simply expect the app to sort all the pictures for you and give you an excellent video.

Microsoft Photo Story App

Microsoft Photo Story App

Make the best use of this app by downloading it from Windows Store and click pictures to form a video. Give it certain effects and cherish all the memories for years to come.




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